Posted on: November 18, 2012

As a reminder, this is a work of FICTION.  No, I do not have ‘links’ to certain events, as they exist only in my imagination.  Some places are fiction, some are real.  Some people are fiction, some are not.

This story is copy-written, and may not be copied in any manner without the express written consent of the author.  If you wish to share the story, please share the link.

I am also taking this interlude as an opportunity to adjust the timeline: Sunday’s events will be posted on Monday morning, as a journal would normally be written AFTER the day is over.

Many thanks to all who are following me on this journey. May it never come true.



in the UP of MI

2 thoughts on “DISCLAIMER:

  1. I am still enjoying this story.. and here’s a suggestion.. instead of posting Sunday’s events Monday morning, you could always post that days events in the evening instead.. Yeah yeah, I know, I am too impatient…LOL!!!!

  2. I am totally enjoying your story, Deborah. Fiction or truth……I’m learning from it. Thanks,

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