November 18

Posted on: November 19, 2012

Last night it was really windy, but only dropped to 48*, so I slept with the window open again; won’t be too many of those nights left, if any.  With the sun shining and blue skies, people are bound to be in a good mood.  I hope.

I was curious how Carolyn was going to handle the sermon today, so I took my place in the back pew to listen.  I must say she’s an excellent speaker, but then, she’s had lots of practice.  She began with the tale of the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine, and morphed into the five maidens who ran out of lamp oil when their five sisters prepared and had enough to see them thru the night.  She then launched right into preparedness in modern times, and how we’ve had more than seven years of plenty and shame on us for not setting aside enough to see us thru the darkness of the days to come;  and how if we all came together we just might make it.  She’s really good!  She leaned on the podium, and said let me tell you a little story.  Of course it was the Stone Soup story.  When she then explained of how the congregation was going to start The Stone Soup Kitchen, the audience was nodding in agreement and whispering among themselves.

I stayed until the end so I could talk to her, but everyone was excited and I couldn’t get her alone.  I had already told Carolyn I didn’t want any credit for the idea and I didn’t want anyone to overhear my comments to her.  But I did manage to see her shake her finger at Vinnie when she said ‘if you would have given the Council the courtesy of your ear instead of your mouth on Friday, you would have known about this already!’  I had to smile; he looked totally chastised and positively contrite!

At that point I did try to sneak out, but Carolyn saw me and asked me to wait.  She excused herself from her flock and pulled me aside.

“I have to thank you.  This is just what the town needs to pull it together again.” She was all grins and her eyes seem to glow with an inner happiness.  I told her I would be by on Tuesday with the turkey I promised, but I wanted to leave it with her, unless there would be no one in the church kitchen.  I didn’t want anyone to know it was me providing the bird.  Carolyn thought I was being humble, and I let her think that; but in truth, I just don’t want anyone knowing I have food.

“If you bring it by around nine in the morning, only I will be there,” I think she wants to talk more.


The morning went really well, I just wish the rest of the day was as good.

The power came back on at noon, then off again at one, on at two, off at five. During the on times I actually had internet!  The news was not good….. Reports from across the country from the groups, and reports on TV about the mid-east crisis, (when was there ever NOT a mid-east crisis??)

There is massive bombing going on between Hammas and Israel and its escalating hourly.  Sure hope no one hits the nuke button.

A few on the groups have checked in, but internet is as spotty as power is right now, just like here.  In a reverse situation, the bigger the city the more likely to have power – and internet…. The needs of the many……………

I spoke briefly with my sister downstate.  I have missed our chats!  We use to talk almost daily; it’s been two weeks.  She said the small town she lives in (which is ten times bigger than my town) has undergone big changes.  Most of the stores on the main street have been looted and are now boarded up.  The police and fire departments remain functional, but the firemen now just keep the fires from spreading.  The grocery store, Ben’s, she loved walking to daily is closed, shelves empty.  Pam was one of those I texted The Event Day, with the code of Alas, Babylon.  Since she doesn’t have a car, she called her daughter, telling her it was an emergency, and they drove to Ben’s, where she bought extra flour, sugar, canned goods, kitty litter, cat food and laundry soap, plus a couple cases of water.  She’s not the prepper I am, but I’m confident that as long as she can stay safe, she’ll be ok.

No word from Shine in KY, Dot in TN or Kris in MN.  Carol in TN is ok!! She is much further away from the fault line, but Shine is right on top of one of the branches. Carol wrote that she felt the quake, but had warning from the animals, and was able to get the gas shut off and power switches thrown just in case.  She’s a wise woman to listen with her eyes, and understand what the dogs and horses were saying with their actions.  The quakes were felt as far east as DC, and as far west as Yellowstone, which is still a concern.

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  1. I think the Yellowstone caldera (sp?) is one of the most troubling earthquake/volcanic issues for the central US. From what I’ve read a major blow-up there would be horrendous throughout much of the west and midwest.
    With all that’s happened this year weatherwise and volcanic activity, it is frightening indeed.
    There is not much today that is NOT frightening, and we would all be wise to pay attention to the warnings we’ve received.

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