November 19

Posted on: November 20, 2012

Power was actually back on, for me anyway, for several hours.  This corner of the township is on three separate ‘legs’ with the power company.  Tom, right across the road, is actually on a different leg than I am, and he didn’t have power.  I think this surge might have replenished the batteries at the cell tower, so my phone and internet might be good for another week…. I sure hope so, being out of communication is the pits!

While power was on I filled buckets and washed clothes, did dishes and took a shower.  It’s funny how a hot shower makes all the difference in the world for your attitude!  Being clean, I feel civilized… which makes me think back to that guy in the parking lot with his young child.  I wonder how they are doing.

I called Theresa in the county seat, just to check in and let her know we’re holding on, and to see if there could be any relief for us – food wise, and to inform her we’re all set for deputizing.  I had talked to Paul and Donna after church, and they were reluctant, but understood the necessity.  I knew Hapson would jump at the chance, but only if he could be compensated somehow.  The county is in just as bad of shape, food wise, as everyone else, especially since so many are gravitating to the city to be taken care of. So I couldn’t get any food or medical supplies sent in.  At least our EMS has the basics, and there hasn’t been any real emergency, at least not yet.  Someone is bound to get stupid though, it’s only a matter of time. I guess we really are on our own.

I met Sheriff Lacey at the township office and we went over to Paul and Donna’s house.  Since Hapson wants to be paid, I declined to invite him.  We now have two official deputies; I sure hope we don’t need them, but it’s a matter of having them and not needing or needing and not having.

There’s rioting in Springfield and I-72 going E/W and I-55 going N/S have been completely shut down with grid lock traffic trying to escape;  More upheaval in Quincy where the new lake is forming and getting bigger every day.  Those not affected by the quakes and now being flooded out.  Militias are forming everywhere.  I wonder if that will happen here, too, but maybe it could be done in a controlled manner with Paul and Donna in the lead.  The two of them might need help.

There is just no good news to write down.  I’m feeling numb.  Even before the power quit again, I had turned the TV off; I just can’t listen to it anymore.

Tufts is mad at me.  He went out this morning and hasn’t come home.  It’s been eight hours.  I’m worried.

Dinner was going to be some fish, but I’m not hungry.

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  1. Tufts needs a big hug, a snuggle and a tuna snack (or whatever floats his boat!). What a brat, making Mom worry so much. And Deborah, it takes a lot of gumption to let a pet wander free when you know that the cost of their freedom may be their life, but also know that they’re not truly “alive” without that freedom.
    My cats don’t get that choice, it would be certain death for them due to the proliferation of dogs and cars around here. In a wonderful world, there would be a safe place outside for them during the day and a warm bed at night for them inside.

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