November 21

Posted on: November 22, 2012

I went to see John for his morning massage.  He stopped me as I was getting out of the car.

“I can’t pay you.  The ATM’s aren’t working” … he looked embarrassed, and sad.

“That’s ok, John, pay me next time”, as I pulled the table out of the back of the car, knowing the ATM’s won’t be working, maybe not ever again.

“I don’t like owing anyone…… “

“Tell you what.  You’ve paid me well for the past year, so this one is on me.”

He smiled, grateful, “But only a half hour.”

“Deal”, I smiled back. “Then maybe we should talk.”


After the massage I put the table in the car and we sat on the steps of the porch, out of ear-shot of the few guys inside. The waves from Lake Superior pounded the shore 75 feet away. It’s November, and the Big Lake was getting very rough.

“How are things going here, John?  I don’t see many around.”

“Yeah, I know.  Half the guys have left for the Green-Path house in Marquette.  At the mine they heard they still have grid power and food there. I guess Duane’s done some recent shopping, as we still have some food, but he’s cut down on our portions.  Guess that’s ok, since we’re not burning as much.  Did I mention most of us haven’t been down in the mine since the second quake, even though we still go there?” he took a long deep breath and let it out while running his hands over his bald head, pushing his ever present knit cap off.  “Hey, at least we’re still eating, right?”

“Yes, and enjoy your turkey dinner tomorrow,” I just had to slide that in. It went right over his head.. lol.

When we lost power last week, I wondered what would happen here, and now I know the power won’t be back.  This house Green-Path rents does have that propane generator, it won’t last forever though.  I’ve seen the deep freezers… that won’t last forever either. I’m pleased Duane took to heart what I’d suggested, and did some shopping.

“Hey, maybe there’s some use for my hobby now,” he smiled.  Hobby?  I didn’t know he had time for any hobbies.  “Years ago I went to a trade school and learned Gun Smithing; I putter with that every time I go home on vacation.”  Gun smithing??? Wow.. could that ever be useful!

The wind off the lake was picking up and I shivered.  I knew it was time for me to go.  I took Johns hand as I stood, pulling him up and hugged him.  He wouldn’t let go, and his body heat felt good against me.  I finally stepped back and told him that when things got bad, and they would, to find me.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Jason, Angela, Jacob, Tom & Norene will be coming over.  I’ve invited Bob & Kathy and Guy & Dawn to join us.  Kathy quickly said yes, and I told her to bring the wine; they don’t have much food but they have a lot of good wine!  Dawn is better prepared food wise, but is in need of the social interaction.  I just want my family and friends with me again.

The weather is still mild, but I can smell moisture in the air, and there’s a chill now.  No more weather channel on TV; no more instant access on the internet; just old-fashioned senses and observations to rely on now. I’ve lived here long enough to know there is snow coming.   How quickly we’ve stepped backward.

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  1. hey, it’s me, Kris, just wanted you to know I’m ok.. will shoot you an email next time the internet is stable here. In fact let me know if you receive this – we have power now in town BUT I dunno for how long, & what if there’s no power in between me & your area? does e-mail get “lost in space” ? anyway thanks for all your advice , I migh

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