November 25

Posted on: November 26, 2012

I hate the way this looks.  I’ve always managed to keep my preps hidden, unobtrusive, covert, and here I have 100 buckets sitting in my frakkin’ living room! Not that anyone comes over, but still. I need to find something to cover them up with.

It was snowing when I got up this morning, snowing hard.  There must be a fresh 6” already and no signs of stopping.  Wonder if I should use the snow-blower later; wonder if they’re going to plow the roads; wonder if anyone cares.  With no phone I feel really and totally cut off.

I had set the turkey carcass to cook for soup right after everyone left on Thursday. It was cool enough this morning to strip off the remaining meat, so now I will can it; but that means going out to the other shed in this blizzard for the pressure canner and jars.  Gotta do what I gotta do, I suppose.


Last month when I changed the curtain in the hall window, I thought I was done.  It had been a pale green and short, and I switched it over to a dark green one from the back pantry.  I love the yards and yards of fabric just looped over the rod and I think all that fabric just solved my problem.  I took down the dark green curtain and draped it over all those buckets.  Since that wall is a dark green, though a different shade, it doesn’t look so obvious to me, and me is all that counts right now. Now to put the other curtain back up, but it’s a different rod and won’t fit.  Crap.  I feel stupid, and paranoid.  Why in the hell did I move those buckets into the house??  That shed has been perfectly safe for years; it’s behind the house, hidden from view, just a simple Rubbermaid 8x8x8 lawn tool storage shed.  Besides, now that winter is here, it’s almost impossible to get into, without digging thru feet of snow.  I can be such an idiot.  Now I have to worry about someone seeing the buckets inside the house.  Double crap.


I got twenty pints of turkey soup.  That’s twenty more days of lunch;  Funny how the perspective changes when the food supply is limited.

Dinner tonight will be a pork chop from the freezer, ½ can of black-eyed peas and maybe some corn bread.  I can have the rest of the corn bread for breakfast tomorrow then add the other half of peas to my lunch soup.

2 thoughts on “November 25

  1. this fictional residence (with lots of black out curtains) is on an unplowed side road… Most of the time, once a fire is started there is no smoke only a heat signature..

  2. what I wonder is — what impression do you want to give a passer-by ? do you want the place to look lived-in so they won’t consider a raid? or do you want it to look empty, so they won’t assume anything is there ? (altho of course a person on drugs or alcohol doesn’t always think the way they normally might)… At this time I plan to go for the abandoned look, so I won’t shovel unless & until I have to. I guess I’d hope “they” don’t notice the wood smoke… a snow-blower takes gas – save it. what about blackout curtains? — & congrats on the turkey broth! 🙂

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