November 26

Posted on: November 27, 2012

The snow finally stopped around noon. I will measure when I dig my way to a flat space; I’m guessing 15”… I bundled up and got the snow-blower going when the wind stopped, around 3pm.  At least I got paths cut, but then it started getting dark and the wind started again.  I heard the plows out on the main road, but they haven’t come down the side roads.  Even if I had someplace to go, I doubt I could get out past my driveway.  If this side road isn’t plowed, I won’t be able to get into town for those on-going meetings, hmmmm…. That might not be a bad thing.  No, I can’t say that; Darlene may have the best interest of the town in mind, but she really doesn’t know how to go about it, since she really doesn’t know how dark the human mind can get when it gets desperate.

Wow, was I short on the estimate.  20” of snow fell in the past 24 hours.  This really is early in the season for this much snow.   I wonder if the quakes shook up anything else………like weather patterns…………… or if HAARP is at it again.


I haven’t talked to Tom in a few days, maybe their land line is still working.  I could use it to get a message to Darlene.


There wasn’t much cornbread left from last night, but that was breakfast, and eggs from the chickens, plus green tea with dehydrated limes.  The left over half can of black eyed peas went well with canned pea & ham soup.  I haven’t decided yet on dinner, maybe I should cut my meals down to only twice a day…


I’m going to leave the rest of the buckets alone in the shed.  I’ve got more than enough inside to get me thru the winter, and then some.  I’m even tempted to put some of them back!  I’m tempted to put ALL of them back!  Maybe keep one bucket of each inside for MY use.  Bringing them inside was a big mistake.

I’ve spent most of the day sitting by the stove, reading.  Been kinda nice, but it could get boring after a while.  If the wind is down tomorrow I will clear the driveway, and cut a path behind the house to the bucket shed.

I keep thinking about my woman’s group.  Now that I don’t have internet anymore, I wonder how they are doing.  I wonder if I failed them by not giving them enough survival information; I wonder if I failed them by not insisting they stay more on topic; I wonder if I failed them by not making them think more; I wonder if I should just have closed the group when I had a chance.  I really do feel like I have failed.

2 thoughts on “November 26

  1. Deborah,
    It breaks my heart to see your words of concern for the group. And redoubles my efforts to stay on task.
    We only fail ourselves, and that is when we fail to listen and learn.
    You have given us a place to learn-and we need to respect and abide by the purpose of the group.
    Speaking as someone who tends to lose sight of the forest because one particular tree grabs my attention.

  2. I am still reading, and still waiting (not so) patiently for the next days update, jut so ya know… I don’t think your fictional self shold have closed the group while you had a chance. The group (even fiction ones) are a great way to keep in touch with a large number of people with a single email to it. Yes, people could keep in touch privately, but not everyone will have thought to store email addresses, and would lose touch with people if the group were to be no more. Just my opinion :o)

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