Book Bomb Day — Prepper’s Home Defense

Posted on: November 30, 2012

Ok folks, here’s the deal. Pre-orders through Amazon and elsewhere should be shipping as you read this. It will be available for immediate shipping on December 3rd.

The next day, December 4th, is BOOK BOMB DAY!

What is a book bomb day, you ask?
Well, due to the vagaries of how Amazon calculates book rankings and such, if we get a bunch of people to all order Prepper’s Home Defense on the same day, the book will rapidly climb the rankings. This translates into more sales for the book, as well as more publicity for it. The goal with a book bomb day is to get everyone who wants the book to order it on the same day.

Why should you care? Well, your help in promoting the book, particularly with this book bomb day, can net you some cool stuff.

We’re going to have a little contest related to Prepper’s Home Defense Book Bomb Day. Here’s how to enter.

1) Make a post on Facebook announcing the Prepper’s Home Defense Book Bomb Day, encouraging family and friends to click this link to learn more or order the book — You should first “friend” Survival Weekly ( and then be sure to “tag” Survival Weekly in your post so we can keep track of who enters the contest via this method. Doing this gets you one entry to the contest.

2) Use Twitter to get the word out. Use the same link — — and in your Tweet, add the hashtag #PHD. It is important that you add that hash tag so I can keep track of who’s entering the contest. Sending out the tweet gets you another entry to the contest.

3) If you have a website or blog, write something up to promote the Prepper’s Home Defense Book Bomb Day, include the above link ( in your post (unless you have your own Amazon affiliate account, of course) and email me a link to it — This gets you another entry to the contest.

4) Send out an email to friends and family who might be interested in the book. Please be careful with this one, limit it to those you feel would really want to hear about it. Use that same link above in your email and BCC me on it — This gets you an entry to the contest.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see there are four ways to enter the contest, each method netting you one entry. However, if you do all four, you’ll get an additional entry as well, giving you five entries total.

On Friday, December 7, I will add up all the entries and put them into a drawing for prizes.

Here’s what you could win.

First prize — A signed (inscribed as you’d like) copy of Prepper’s Home Defense, plus a $25.00 gift certificate to

Second prize — A copy of Prepper’s Home Defense, plus a $10.00 gift certificate to

Third prize — A copy of Prepper’s Home Defense.

You are welcome to start amassing entries right away but remember, the idea here is to drive purchases to occur on December 4th!

Good luck!

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