December 3

Posted on: December 4, 2012

Total of 14 quarts of venison soup canned last night… that could well mean 14 days more survival.  This kind of soup has a great deal of protein, an essential survival tool.  I can add a pint of garden veggies, and that would be an entire day of meals.  Perhaps adding some rice, or thicken it up and have it over pasta.  Pasta… one of the things I tend to forget about.  It’s a good source of carbs, though I’ve always tended to stay away from them, the body still needs them.   And I have lots and lots stored.

I went into town again, while the canner was cooling.  I needed to see Jason. Not sure why the urgency, but I do miss the regular contact.  I took a couple jars of the venison soup/stew, and a few boxes of pasta, and a case of ramen noodles.  He’s lost noticeable weight.  I think he is giving up his food for Jacob… that I can understand.   Angela wasn’t around and Jason wouldn’t say why, but he was grateful for the extra food.  Should I be worried?


I stopped at the Post Office to check for messages. I was very surprised to see I actually had mail… and then stunned to see it was my winter tax bill.  I think I actually laughed out loud, and then I headed to the township hall.  Darlene agreed that we should temporarily suspend the property taxes, at least until the banks reopen.  Duh, ya think??

The weather was strangely mild today; got up to 52 degrees, and very windy.  All of the snow from earlier is now gone, and roads are muddy.  As I write this, it’s late evening and it’s still 48 out.  I think I’ll sleep with the window open tonight.

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