December 4

Posted on: December 5, 2012

What a difference in the weather from yesterday.  It started out at 38 degrees and has been dropping steadily.  The skies are dark and heavy and the wind is biting cold.   I think we’re in for more snow, and from the looks of it, it will be a lot.  Since I can’t get weather off the internet anymore, I put a flag on a long stick and fastened it to one corner post in the garden.  This way I can see what direction the wind is coming from.  Right now it’s coming out of the north, which will bring snow off the Big Lake; but a slight shift to the east will keep it here longer and produce ‘lake effect’ snow, very common this time of year.

Some days are just boring.  Today is one.  Thinking of the weather, I brought in a couple days of wood, and refilled the kindling bin.  I noticed my drinking water is getting low, but I won’t be making the trek down to the artesian well by myself anymore. I set up my Berkey, and started up the generator.  I filled only one of the 5 gallon jugs; 5 gallons will last me a couple of days, and that will give me time to take the other containers into town to fill at the township hall.  Another of Pete’s jobs is maintaining the well station and its emergency generator.  With fewer people in town now, the water tower when filled, supplies 4-5 days of the town’s needs.  Pete has been running the generator for four hours every other day, so at least water is not an issue.  I’ll have to remember to take my containers next trip in.  My water here is silty, but the Berkey takes care of it.  I’m sure glad I have it and that I stocked up on extra filters; I’ll be able to clean my creek water for drinking or rain water when I can’t run the gennie anymore.

I made the decision to move some, ok most, of these buckets back into the shed.  It was really stupid, paranoid and stupid, to bring so many inside at this time of year! Another snowfall and no one can even get to the shed without a lot of work, but then no one but me and Jason even know what’s in there.  I kept two buckets each of red hard wheat and soft white wheat, and one of barley, sugar, salt, and mixed dried beans, plus a couple cans of coffee.  Now that will easily hide behind the futon!  I also kept out a bucket of rice and another mixed beans.  I have a plan for those.

A single pork chop and a baked potato for dinner.  Even food is getting boring.

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