December 6

Posted on: December 7, 2012

I made a quick trip into the office to use the phone.  Even though Jason said not to, I decided to set some wheels in motion and called Teresa.

“Thought I would check in and let you know we’re hanging in there, but we could use some supplies,” I was never very good at being the diplomat, but when times change we need to change with them.

“Everyone needs supplies,” she sighed.  “What do you need most? And if something comes up I’ll keep you in mind.”

“We need everything,” I laughed, “but I’d say gas would be the priority.  With the Stone Soup Kitchen, the food is going further.”

“The what?”  And I explained about the kitchen, its meaning and how everyone was working together.  I neglected to mention that I lifted hunting restrictions; not sure if that was overstepping my limited authority.

“That is a great concept.  Anything else?”

“yeah… I need a favor,” she wasn’t saying anything, so I went on and told her how Angela is now missing.  She asked for the make of the car and the addresses where she was supposed to have gone.

“We have curfews in place that are really strict, and if she was caught, she might be in the detention center.  I’ll see if I can find anything out.  We’d rather you feed her than us.” And she hung up.  She does that a lot.

I went home, and tried to concentrate on mundane, normal things.  I fed and watered the chickens; I brought in lots of wood and kindling; I sat and pet Tufts for the longest time.  It didn’t help.  I still felt sad and helpless.

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