December 10

Posted on: December 11, 2012

My new routine takes me to the office on Monday mornings.  Darlene was already there, and reminded me to check the bulletin board for the weekend news. That’s where I found out that last Friday night there was a break in at Fram’s store.  There are no suspects, but any witnesses are encouraged to talk to Paul or Donna.  No money was taken and there isn’t any food left to steal.  Joe is keeping the store open only for gas and the hardware department he has in the back.  The café is open, but is only serving coffee and tea for the internet users.  Wisely, Joe took all the coffee off the store shelves and now keeps it locked it in his safe.

The notice about the break in was right next to a slightly larger notice about Hapson being shot during an attempted home invasion and armed robbery, with a side note reminding this is what can happen to those who step outside the law.  It was signed by both Paul and Donna.  Thankfully, it did not mention whose home he was trying to rob.  But the timing is suspicious to me.  Did Hapson come to me only after he couldn’t steal any food at Frams?  All those years ago, I tried, I really tried to get my friends to prep; to stock up, but most of them ignored me, even scoffed me, as Rob did, which is when he stopped being a friend. And that threat he made is why and when I stopped talking to my friends about prepping.  Some have forgotten, some didn’t.


It’s getting really cold outside.  It’s down to 28 degrees and will get lower overnight. I should have some ice in the morning for the refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “December 10

  1. Paul and Donna are the deputies, Nick.

    You can’t feel badly about protecting your home and yourself. In SHTF, you almost have to be PRO-active of this. I realize that, because you’re in a rather secluded area (with the nearest village having a small population), it’s easy in that scenario to NOT deal with the ugly truth of what would happen with close neighbors/idiots, but where most people are? You have to be thinking ahead as to who is reasonable and who’s not. Who would work with others and who would not. Who would steal without a second thought, and who would not. Who can be quiet and who can’t.

    I’m shocked ‘Deborah’ (fictionalized version) has not lost any chickens to this point. If Pearl, etc. have died, and nobody has food… chickens would be the easiest to grab. I’m also surprised there aren’t any small game traps being laid by ficDeborah…

    But as for Hapson… ficDeborah reported it. I wouldn’t have. I would’ve gotten rid of the body and not said a word. When questions were asked, I would’ve lied and said I hadn’t seen him. If someone slips – now that word is out – and says who was being robbed (with the implication that they are protecting something worth robbing), there goes another HUGE chunk of safety. Not just for ficDeborah… it raises the question “what do other houses have inside that mine doesn’t”… and suddenly homes that look ‘off-grid’ or ‘remote’ are being broken into the dead of night. Keeping quiet is THE way to go. I’m not sure that what ficDeborah did was the wisest move. But I’ll keep playing along, seeing where this goes. 🙂

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