Recap of Characters

Posted on: December 13, 2012

Deborah: me, Emergency Manager of Moose Creek Township, devout Prepper

Tufts: my precious, 18# cat, long haired, black; adopted, 7 years old

Jason: my son

Angela: his wife

Jacob: their high functioning autistic son

Eric: my other son, in Florida

Emilee: his daughter

Tom: my only brother, lives across the road

Norene: his wife

Pam: my sister in lower Michigan

Bob & Kathy: Kathy is my best friend, Bob is her husband, non-preppers, except for wine; part of our card playing group

Guy & Dawn:  new preppers; part of our card group

Bob & Tedi: part of our card group

Rob Hapson & wife Marilyn: former card group members

Donna & Paul: retired LEO, newly sworn in as deputies for the town of Moose Creek

Darlene: newly elected Township Supervisor

Gary: head of EMS

Mike: Fire Chief

Duane: house ‘dad’ and cook for a rented house full of miners employed by an out-of-state company

John: my regular, weekly client, one of the miners

Carolyn: local minister

Joe Fram: owns the only grocery/gas station in town

Teresa: County Emergency Manager

Marie: checkout person at Macks grocery store

Bobby & Jill: next door neighbors

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