December 13

Posted on: December 14, 2012

Fishing must have been good yesterday.  Word is there will be a fish fry at the church tomorrow!  It will be a nice change from venison soup.  I think I’ll make up a big batch of sugar cookies to take.  It doesn’t take much sugar and flour to make them, but I think it will be a nice touch; I even have some sugar sprinkles from last year to decorate, thinly; a couple dozen will give every person a cookie or two. I must remember to take that canister of salt with me, and a bottle of catsup.

I also found out that the ladies have formed a knit and crochet club, to do something positive, and to keep busy.   They are making hats and mittens to give away at Christmas.  What’s even better is they are giving lessons, teaching the non-needle people how to knit/crochet, by making squares, that will then be stitched together to make lap blankets or shawls. I wonder if someone can teach me how to knit socks…   I will have to bring my craft box into the house and see what I’ve got – if I can find it out in the barn.  It’s been so long since I’ve done any of the hand crafts.  This could even be fun, and it feels like forever since I’ve had any fun.

There was a brief burial for Rob Hapson.  No one asked who he attacked, no one wanted to know.   His wife, Marilyn, was given to the keys to his truck and his shot gun.  Everyone understood, whatever happened was his doing, not hers.

While in town, I went to see Jason and Jacob.  Jason hasn’t heard anything from Angela, and I didn’t tell him I asked for it to be looked into on a more official level; there may be good news, yet it might be bad; at this point, the good news may be no news.  I brought him another case of ramen noodles for Jacob, a dozen eggs and a loaf of homemade bread.  I also brought him a 5 gal. container of gas for his car, from my own storage, not from the township.  He needs to know that he has enough gas make it to my house if he really needs to.  I took his empty container back with me.  Even though the school is still open, Jason has been home-schooling Jacob, and enjoying it.  He did say that now with the extra gas, he can take Jacob in once a week to interact with the other kids.

Other than seeing my son and grandson, which always brightens my day, it’s been dreary.  The sky is a solid slate gray, not even lighter where the sun is supposed to be.  The temps are hovering around a chilly 30 degrees, which could mean snow or rain; it’s that pivot point.  The snow is piling up and more will make for difficult travel, so I really don’t want that, but rain would be sleet and that would make it impossible to get around.

I had a bowl of bean soup for breakfast, and will finish it for dinner.

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  1. Yarn and fabric are an important (to me) part of my prepping supplies. Knitting, crocheting, sewing and quilting will be important skills to have.

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