December 18

Posted on: December 19, 2012

The wind died down to a light breeze so I decided to chance it.  There are a lot of advantages to living alone, being injured isn’t one of them.  Sure, I’d rather sit in the house next to the stove with my foot up, book in hand, sipping on tea, but there aren’t any cobbler’s elves in Moose Creek to shovel my driveway.  I rewrapped the elastic bandage around my foot, a bit tighter than I was doing before, put on thick socks and my high-top insulated boots.  I decided against my coveralls, as it was a real chore getting into them, but then, I’ve lost weight so it might be easier now.  Jacket, knit hat and heavy mittens, I was ready to tackle the driveway.  Glad I waited; the plow trucks had been by earlier, and left extra in my drive entrance.  Gee, thanks.

Snow blowing is slow work, but easier than shoveling.  I limped slowly behind the machine, re-directing the chute when needed. Up/back, up/back, up and veer off to clear the paths to the wood shed.  As I turned back to finish the ‘back’ portion and start on the leg that goes to the street, there was Tom, with his monster of a machine, clearing the rest in half the time.  When he was done, I thanked him; he mumbled something about being clumsy and I dutifully ignored him, but I love my brother.  I parked my machine back in its spot in the barn, feeling confident I could get out now, IF I had to.  Right now, there was a cup of tea and a chair calling to me.

I’m really glad I took extra out of the cooler two days ago.  I was exhausted from all the work.  Crap.  I put the turkey leg in a roasting pan, sprinkled it with some seasonings and tucked it in the oven.  Dinner taken care of, I took a nap.

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