December 19

Posted on: December 19, 2012

Today was the school Christmas pageant.  In times past, it would start at 7:00PM, but without lights, that was no longer an option.  At 3:00pm, when school would be letting out, the children stayed to give their performance before heading home for the Christmas break.  I don’t think it was prearranged, but many in the audience brought flashlights, or lanterns to light up the dim gymnasium, several placed on the stage for the children.  Carolyn took her place at the aging piano, and started playing Christmas tunes.  The children came out in groups, by grades and sang songs.  It was so charming, I could feel my throat closing as I fought the tears.  I was glad I brought a bottle of water to sip on.  At first I didn’t see Jason, but when I saw Jacob on stage with his 3rd grade class, I knew he was close by.  I scanned the front rows, knowing Jason always sat where Jacob could see him, and there he was – with Angela!

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