December 29

Posted on: December 30, 2012

I ventured into town to find Gary so I could tell him about the body on Eagle Beach.  While at the EMS office, I ran into Marilyn Hapson.  I felt guilty; only four of us knew that it was me that had shot her husband, and it still haunted me, likely always would.  She seemed happy to see me, I’m guessing because she used to be part of our group, and a friend.

“Oh, Deborah, I’m so glad to run into you!  I didn’t know who to give these to,” she hugged me.  Wow, this was awkward. She handed me a set of keys.  “But I’ll need a ride back home.”

“What’s this, Marilyn?” I really was confused, looking at the keys in my hand.

“I know Rob had a dark side and I’m not going to try to justify it.  But maybe I can apologize in a small way.”  I was still confused. “Rob had a Passat Wagon TDI … a diesel.  I want the township to have it.  Actually, I think I’d like Donna and Paul to have it as a sort of patrol car.”  Then it dawned on me:  A diesel.  With the new shipment of diesel gas, this would help… a LOT.  I hoped I thanked her enough.

Marilyn looked down and hesitated.  “Do you know who my husband was trying to rob? Who shot him?”

“Marilyn, I think it best that none of us know,” and I meant it.  If it got out that I had killed him, then others, just as bold, just as desperate, might figure I had something worth stealing.  That would be SO not good.  I hoped it sounded like I didn’t know.  “Besides, what would you do if you knew?”

She snorted, “Probably thank them.”  Now that took me by surprise.  “I said Rob had a dark side, and he did, sometimes he….. got physical.  Didn’t you ever wonder why I dropped out of the ladies groups in the summer?  Bruises show.”  Oh, my, not something I would have expected. She smiled then, “and now I don’t have to worry.”  I was stunned.  “You will make sure Paul and Donna get the car, won’t you?  It’s the least I can do.”  I thanked her again and had Pete take her home where she still had the truck to drive.

I had considered just giving the car to our new deputies, but then had a thought.  I ran it by Darlene and she gave her approval.  Across the road from our office, next to Frams, was a private auto repair shop that did specialty work.  It would take him a day or two to hand paint ‘Moose Creek Law Enforcement’ on the two front doors, but he wasn’t exactly busy

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