January 2

Posted on: January 3, 2013

We spent a leisurely morning just enjoying the quiet and each other.  It was close to 11:00am that we finally started the fire and had our first coffee of the morning. Shortly after, a truck pulled up in the driveway.  Naturally John and I both went on alert, but it was Donna.  I introduced her to John and she relaxed.

“There was another fire overnight,” she started, “up on the dam road.” She saw my alarm. “No, it wasn’t Jason’s house.  It was Marjorie Brewer’s, and she was home.”  Donna took a deep breath, eyeing my coffee cup.  I poured her some and she continued. “Now we’ve got him for not only arson, but murder.  There were snowmobile tracks circling the house.  We’re closing in, Deborah, but you can’t let your guard down.”

“I won’t Donna.  Promise!  John won’t let me,” I laughed, something had to break this tension; we were all strung way too tight.


I found my old menu notebook that I used in the woods.  Almost everything came from storage, so it’s a good reference for me; I’ve already done these, I can do them again.  Many pages in the back are blank, so I’m starting to plan a week at a time.  On the menu for the week is salmon patties; manicotti stuffed with shrimp, cheese and bread bits, baked in a tomato sauce; creamy chicken on angel hair;  calzones; Reuben casserole; Lebanese meat pies (I’ll have to use venison) with a white sauce dip (good time try out using the dried cukes from the summer); and chicken paprikosh.  A good start.

I went to the office briefly, just long enough to pick up and deliver the new patrol car to Paul and Donna.  What made it easy, was they were both at the township going over maps, marking where the fires had happened.  I had left my car in the parking lot and walked over to the auto shop.  I gave Harry a voucher for payment, and drove the car over to Frams.  I filled it with diesel, signed the receipt and went back to the office.  Paul and Donna were just coming out and both got huge, astonished grins when they saw the sign on the side.  It really did come out good.

“This is a gift from Marilyn Hapson; her way of apologizing for Rob.” I handed them the keys.  “It’s all gassed up and takes diesel.  You have an unlimited account for it, but we don’t have unlimited supplies.”  They understood what I meant.

Donna said, “If it’s from Marilyn apologizing for Rob, maybe you should have it.”

“Oh, no!  Besides, she was specific that it should be for you two!” No way did I want that car; it would be like a neon sign with an arrow saying I was the one who ‘earned’ it.  Changing the subject, I asked how the investigation was coming.

They hesitated.  “We think we know who it is, but don’t want to say anything just yet.”

“Are you going to need back up?  I’d suggest Vince.” They were surprised at that. “He’s got a CPL, and is a very good shot; it would also go a long way to pulling him back into the community.”


I decided on salmon patties for dinner.  After mixing the salmon with bread crumbs, herbs dried over the summer, and a couple of eggs from the chickens, I shaped them into little fishes just for a laugh; added egg noodles topped with a creamy dill sauce, and bread.  Bread is a staple for us now; heavy on the whole wheat.  Tomorrow I will try oatmeal bread.

The salmon patties were a big hit; something new usually is.

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  1. Ah, so Deborah’s fire was the same MO as the other fires-I was thinking that the town fires were more business building related.

  2. Really anxious to find out who…can’t skip to the last page to see if Im right – will just have to wait.

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