In God We Trust…All Others, We Watch

Posted on: February 21, 2010

In God We Trust… All Others, We Watch

Will all morals go out the window? Probably not. However I’ll suggest that some
modifications might need to be made by those who want to keep themselves and their
loved ones alive.

1) Do not trust strangers, do not take them at their word, doubt everything they
tell you until it can be verified/confirmed by independent means. You must protect
yourself, there probably won’t be anyone else capable or willing to do so.

2) Do not assume, EVER, that the people you will interact with share your moral
compass. Or any moral compass at all. People you’ve known for years could change
dramatically when the social and moral fabric of society slips. Also, you may not
know when desperation might make them do things you’d never expect.

3) Watch for those who might decide to accumulate power for themselves. Take away
external oversight and some folks let their greed for money, power, control, etc.
run away from them. If/when that happens then all bets are off.

4) Your statement that you are a Christian, and the suggestion that this would mean
that you would be immune to situations that might modify your behavior is somewhat
foolish. If you’ve been through such a situation in the past without having your
“moral compass” shift then I accept your statement as fact. If you have not then
I’ll suggest that it’s mere wishful thinking on your part. I have
seen people change dramatically in crisis situations. Sometimes it’s for the better,
and they become something more than they were in the past. Often it’s for the worst
and they turn from Jekyll into Hyde. Some of these were Bible toting, God fearing
Christians. In my experience one’s religious belief has little to do with how one
reacts to desperate times, though there are exceptions (good and bad) like with most

5) I’ll also suggest that fervent religious beliefs have caused as much war, as well
as other forms of large scale grief, as any other factor in Human history. If
people’s “moral compasses” were a surety of good behavior then that would not be our
sad legacy. For the survival oriented I’ll advise caution around the fervently
religious. It would be too easy for someone to name you (or your group) as heretics,
or apostates, and thus targets for murder, banishment, etc.
Like any other group you come into contact with after TSHTF look for their
motivators, and watch to make sure they don’t see you as a target of opportunity. Be
ever watchful against those who might target you for differences in race, creed,
color, langauge, political affiliations, or just about any other difference you care
to name.

I hope you have the luxury of maintaining your “moral compass” in a SHTF situation.
I don’t give you good odds, but I’d be happy if you can manage it. Personally, my
“moral compass” will be fairly flexible. Those coming into my area with malice in
their hearts and mischief in their minds will receive a very unpleasant welcome.
Those coming on a wave of desperation will be intercepted as far from our retreat as
possible and directed elsewhere. Those attempting to
establish control over us had best be doing so from the authority of the US
Constitution, I have no inclination toward serving a feudal lord or warlord. Those I
can help I will, but I know my abilities to do so will be very limited.

Rick Cox

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