Expect What is Normally Unexpected

Posted on: February 21, 2010

Expect What is Normally Unexpected

The lesson here for the survival oriented is multi-faceted.

1) Do not get tunnel vision and figure that any attacker will come from a single
place. Ie. up the driveway to the front of the house… Expect that the bad guys
could be moving cross-country and literally stumble across you and your retreat.
Expect that they could have become aware of you (without you becoming aware of them)
and decided to launch an attack from multiple sides. Expect that there could
be a few of them, or dozens. Expect that they could be better armed then you. Expect
that they could use sniper tactics and wipe out most of your people before you even
know they are there. Expect that they could snatch a family member and hold them
hostage in the hope of forcing you to let them in without a fight.

2) Do not assume that a “home field advantage” will buy you much against a
determined opponent. There are many reasons for this statement. They may be far more
skilled in such matters then you are, which more than removes your “advantage”. They
may have overwhelming
numbers, and no fear of losses as long as they achieve their objective. They may
have such overwhelming firepower that your “advantage” does you no good at all.

3) Put at least as much effort in plans for defending what you have as you do in the
more mundane (“day-to-day”) aspects of survival. Not saying those aspects aren’t
critical, but this goes back to what I
said earlier about protecting what you have. No sense in giftwrapping your stuff for
the bad guys.

4) Do not assume that you have time “until things get really bad…”. My assumption
is that there are lots of opportunists out there. Any one of them might be
interested in your stuff long before the sheeple
stampede. So my assumption will be that we need security and defense from the minute
we initiate our plans.

5) Do not assume that remote locations, darkness, or anything else means you can
relax your guard. There are desperate people in the world today. There are
psychopaths galore. There are sociopaths by
the dozen. These folks are dangerous today, how will they be in any situation that
disrupts the normal “safeguards” of society? For you rural folks, how many drunks,
bullys, or other dysfunctional types (any Meth cooks?) are in your area today? What
will keep them in check when TSHTF?

-Rick Cox

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