January 9

Posted on: January 10, 2013

The plows came by around 4pm.  There looks to be close to 24” of snow, but it’s hard to tell because of all the drifting, and the winds are still blowing some.

The guys are continuing to melt snow.  We’re up to three gallons of drinkable water.  That’s one day for all four of us.  The chickens don’t need filtered water, and neither does the washing machine; the dishes need boiled water, but not filtered; just what we drink or need for cooking needs to be filtered.  We’ve got all possible buckets filled with snow, sitting on the floor near the stove, beginning the melting process.

Shortly after the plows came by, so did Donna.  She waded thru the drifts and got within 20 feet of the house.  It startled me that she was wearing a face mask.  Of course we had seen her pull up so I was waiting for her.

“Donna? What’s up? Why the mask?” I stayed on the porch, with my coat on.

“I needed to warn you,” she started, “Paul is sick.  We think he picked up a virus when he was being treated in the hospital.” She stopped, hands on her knees, taking a breath.

“Are you ok?” I was worried.

“So far I’m ok,” she said, “I’m just out of shape.” She laughed.  “Besides, 28” of snow is no picnic to walk thru!  You going to clear your driveway soon?”

“I’ll get right on it,” I laughed.  “Ok.  So, what does Paul have? When did it start?”  Crap, John and I were just there, close quarters with someone who is now sick, maybe very sick.  Double crap!

“So far it seems like any other flu, but I called Gary in and he called the ER.  You know the chain.  Anyway, there’s an epidemic of a nasty flu going on.  I thought you should know, since … well, you were just with us.”  She turned in a circle, hard to do in this much snow.  “Deb, it’s a really nasty bug; people are dying… dying!  We’ve gone into isolation.  You should too.”

Yes, John and I were exposed to Paul, but before he was contagious –I hope- at least before he had any symptoms.  Maybe we were ok.

“We’ll do that Donna.  We’ll be ok.  You need to let Darlene know what’s going on,” I reminded her.

“Already done that.”

“Good.  You should go home, keep that mask on whenever you’re close to Paul; you know what to do.  Did Gary give you extra masks? Gloves?  Did he give you any indication of an incubation period?”  This wasn’t good.  It had only been three days since Paul had been exposed, and we had seen him less than 24 hours after his exposure.

“It’s fast, 48 hours.”  48 hours??  That is really fast, but if that’s the case, we’re ok, Paul was exposed to extreme contamination, we weren’t; and he was weakened, in a compromised condition. “And yeah, Gary gave me a box each of masks and gloves, so I’m good there.  At least for now; guess that depends on how long I need them,” she trailed off with that, looking lost in thought.


After Donna left I called Jason and John together.  I pulled out a bin from the front pantry, all masks and gloves…. And explained what was going on.

“We really don’t need these, at least not yet,” as I looked at the medical supplies.  “If John or I are contagious, which I doubt, then you and Jacob have already been exposed.  We will just have to wait and see.  It won’t be long if we are.  This is for if we really have to leave here, be in contact with others, or if someone comes here.” I motioned to the bin.  I couldn’t bear the thought of harming Jacob with some virus.  “I feel fine, if only a bit run down and tired, but I’ve felt that way since the start,” I mused.  I reached over and cupped John’s face with my hand, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m just fine, really,” he smiled.

Hard to believe, we just cleared one major problem and another is on us immediately.  The stress alone could do me in.  I left the med box there in the kitchen, just in case.  Face masks will not only keep us from breathing IN germs, but also from breathing OUT those same germs.  Physiological, I know, but suddenly I was very tired.

I got the garlic and D3 vitamins from the cupboard, asked the two of them to take extra doses, and I did the same.  I knew Jacob wouldn’t take them, but if WE stayed healthy, so would he.

I was more than tired now, I was exhausted, and went to bed for a nap.

2 thoughts on “January 9

  1. i think the authoress has been reading our MN newspapers… hospitals & nursing homes here are asking anyone who has been exposed or feels a teensy bit ill, to stay away. we have two flu’s going around right now; one respiratory (which I got, much to my surprise) & one GI (which I haven’t, much to my surprise). Yes vitamin D & garlic & goldenseal & rest !!!

  2. Still think you are psychic!! Learned that a hospital/nursing home 10 miles away was in quarantine and that the nurses, etc. are getting totally gowned up, etc. for ALL medical procedures. They are taking this very seriously.

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