January 11

Posted on: January 12, 2013

No headaches, no fevers, no coughing.  I think we’ve avoided the flu that Paul brought back from the hospital.  But who else might have it now?  Paul was there, but so was Gary, and Gary’s ambulance driver, Kim.   Kim: Beamer’s wife, a really nice person, who is also the secretary at the school.  Oh, oh.


The wind had finally died down enough for the guys to get out and start clearing the snow.   Jason did the hand work around the steps and porch, plus clearing off the deck so we could get to the generator.  I think they are both tired of melting snow and are more than ready to appreciate running the gennie to pump the well.

While Jason shoveled, John ran the snow blower up and down the drive.  28” of snow took hours to move.  Halfway thru, they both took a break for a lunch of bread and soup, and to warm up.  As anxious as I am to talk to Darlene about Kim, I know I won’t get to town until tomorrow.  I just hope someone else has made the connection.

While the guys were outside, I kept busy baking.  After I got a loaf of tomato basil bread rising, Jason’s favorite, I had Jacob join me to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but we only used half the amount called for of the chips; I want to make them last as long as possible and I don’t have much stored, since I rarely indulge in sweets.  When working on my preps, I always went first with what I ate or used, then added what I thought others might like or need.  Store what you eat, eat what you store; I’ve been saying that for over 20 years, and I just don’t eat chocolate.  I know I’ve always tried to plan for the worse but hope for the best, but it feels that I must have planned for the best, because the worst has happened.  At least I hope it won’t get any worse.

Jacob is happy with the gooey cookies.  He needs the calories.  I think the guys will enjoy a few too, after they finish their snowball fight they think I don’t see.

Tufts came out again… moped around, then curled up behind the wood stove.  He really doesn’t like all the people, but I think he’s adapting.

I need to do something creative.  With Jason and John taking on most of my chores, I feel useless…. Unless I’m cooking.  One of my favorite dishes is chicken cooked in OJ and peach chutney, and served with fried bananas over couscous.  I’ve got dehydrated orange, lime and grapefruit slices, and banana chips.  If I rehydrate some orange slices and remove the rind, the flavor will be there to mix with a jar of canned chicken.

After dinner note:  I had to boil the banana chips to get them soft enough, but it worked. No couscous, but Basmati rice was a good substitute and more filling.  I had to hunt for the peach chutney I made two years ago, but I did find it.  The tomato bread did not go well with this dish.

6 thoughts on “January 11

  1. this makes me smile, Judi. I am trying my best to make it as real as possible. Good to see it’s working 🙂

  2. The last line, the tomato bread did not go well with this dish, was so totally random, and makes this seem so much more like a real, rue accounting of ‘Story Deborah’s’ life.. perfect!

  3. sounds like you all are rolling with the punches quite well !
    Has Deborah-in-the-story thought about homeschooling Jacob? or showing him how to sprout seeds? that’d keep both of them out of trouble. 🙂

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