January 18

Posted on: January 19, 2013

Jan. 18

Even though I’m sleeping well and wake rested, I’m starting to have strange dreams.

Last night it was a rerun.  I’ve had this dream before, in a slightly different version.  I was back at my house in the woods.  Oh, how I loved that place, and miss it terribly; an off grid house set in the middle of 240 acres of woods, private, serene.  Anyway, Pete was there, as charming as ever, but also sad and distant.  Out the back window, I noticed an area had been cleared and there was a power pole!  I questioned him and he said it was the only way. I didn’t know what he meant.  I told him we never should have left there, lightly brushing my lips against his, but not really kissing him.  I went back to that window, and for the first time, noticed the subdivision!  Houses, sixteen of them, in various stages of construction, and all so very close to each other and to my wonderful, once remote home.  It made my heart hurt.  I woke sad, but relieved knowing it was only a dream.  I don’t know what it means, if anything.


To break my melancholy mood, I asked John if he would like to make a social call with me.  I hadn’t seen my friend Dawn since this whole mess started.  I realized I thought about and worried about my friends that were ill prepared for any disaster, long or short term.  Dawn didn’t fit that.  During the heat of the summer past, her, Guy and I would sit on their deck, overlooking the lake, sipping cocktails, while I answered their questions about prepping:  Food storage, water filtration, defense, all of it.  They were the last ones I was concerned about.  And I was right.

We pulled into their long drive and I parked in full view.  I stepped out and away from the car, my hands out from my sides, empty and called to her.  I saw a slight movement; a curtain move I think.  A moment later, the front door opened and Dawn came running out, throwing her arms around me, while Guy stayed at the door, rifle in hand.  John got out of the car, pulling his gun, and everyone froze.

“John, Guy’s rifle is not a threat to us. Please holster that.” I said gently.  Once the Beretta was back on his hip, I felt the tension drain from Dawn, but not completely.  I moved to John, slipped my arm thru his and pulled him over to meet my friends.  After introductions and the guys shaking hands, we went inside, the tension gone.

Chaos! I could tell the grand kids were there!

Dawn’s daughter and son in law and the four grandchildren had indeed made it to the remote location from a neighboring town.  Shortly after The Event, Kara and Sam dropped the kids off with Guy and Dawn, and went back to their house to refill the van with whatever would fit; twice. Although I answered prepping questions and offered suggestions, it was Kara who truly got her parents on the road to prepping.

“Oh, Deborah, it’s so good to see you!” Dawn was excited. “I’ve been wondering how you were doing.  We decided to just hunker down for a couple of months.  Then when the neighbors all left, we knew it had been a good choice for us.  We’ve got this whole end of the lake to ourselves.” She just glowed.  “Sam and Guy have a regular routine going, for hauling water up from the lake and ice fishing.  Been a real bitch keeping the hole open with these temperatures.  But it’s working.  And thank you for recommending the Berkey!  We would be lost without it.  Can I get you a glass of wine?” Dawn was back in hostess mode.

“I knew I didn’t have to worry about you, and thank you, I’d love a glass,” I smiled at her.  “Without you going anywhere, you haven’t been exposed to the flu, then?”

“Flu?  What flu?”  She looked alarmed, as she handed me a glass filled with a ruby liquid.

I explained what was going on in town, and in Marquette. “But don’t worry, we aren’t sick, and whenever I’ve been near anyone, I’ve used full precautions.” She understood what I meant, having a medical background.  We chatted for another hour, catching up.  Of course she wanted to know all about John, as I’ve been single and unattached for all the years we’ve known each other.

Knowing with that medical background of hers, she had prepped heavy on medical supplies.  I asked if she might be willing to help out.

“At this point, I’m thinking only about key people.  You know Paul and Donna; they’ve been pulled out of retirement,” I laughed.  “Paul is recovering from the flu and a gunshot wound.  Donna was grazed in the same shootout and now has a cold.  If nothing else, they need their bandages redressed.” Dawn looked down and away.  “Just think about it, ok?  I know you considered your talent and knowledge a bartering tool, might be time to test it.”  I left it at that.

It really was getting late, and that’s when I noticed that Guy and John were nowhere around.  We found them in the basement workshop.  When Guy found out that John knew so much about guns, he asked for some help.  And there they were, a rifle disassembled between them.  John had just finished adjusting the trigger tension and was reassembling it when I mentioned it was getting dark.

I promised Dawn we would come back soon.

How nice it was to do something so totally normal!

4 thoughts on “January 18

  1. ‘Normal’ is just a setting on the dryer… 🙂

    And as for the dream… I think it means I can’t go back, and it’s time to move forward. Maybe Deborah needs to, too..

  2. Weird dream for sure!! I am still hooked, and now I can go about my day since you have given me my journal fix, thanks 🙂

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