January 28

Posted on: January 29, 2013

We almost lost Jacob today.

Jason got started early to clear the driveway of the latest snow fall, which seems to nightly now, and while he was doing that, he also made a trail for Jacob to run for exercise.  It’s like a maze, with lots of turns and twists, all built into the massive snow banks in the side yard.  In two spots, he created short tunnels for Jacob to crawl thru.  I think part of this was to give Jacob something to do besides ask for cartoons or Sponge Bob.

Jacob loved it and was running thru the maze, having lots of fun; Jason was doing hand work with the shovel; John was watching them while I worked on dinner.  Suddenly John tore open the door and went running outside screaming for Jason.  I quickly followed, not understanding what had happened.  Jacob had just gone into the longer of the two tunnels when it collapsed!!  My poor Jacob!  It was near the center of the maze, and the guys just jumped the walls where they could, busted thru where they couldn’t.  And they began to dig with their bare hands.  When they finally got close enough, John grabbed Jacob’s feet and pulled him clear, it hadn’t been very long, but he wasn’t breathing.  From all of our talks, I know John has been in several underground mine cave-ins, I also know he and his crews were all capable in CPR.  John immediately gave Jacob a couple of breaths, and Jacob started coughing.


I can’t remember ever being so scared, so helpless.  Jason sat for the longest time in the rocker by the stove with Jacob on his lap, just rocking him, holding him, and crying.  He’d almost lost his only child.  Jacob is unsure why his daddy is so upset.

John dressed a bit warmer and went back out.  He broke down both tunnels, and cleaned up the paths.  Later he said there was no reason Jacob couldn’t still run the maze, but the tunnels were a bad idea.  I could tell this had brought back some bad memories for him of bodies and body bags.  But he’s ok, and Jacob’s ok.  I’m shook and Jason… I don’t know what Jason is right now, but he’s been hit at his very core.

4 thoughts on “January 28

  1. Its posts like this one that make me SO glad that this is a work of fiction (even though I have to continually remind myself of that fact!!!!)

  2. Deborah, this was so scary! What parents and grandparents fear most no matter what circumstances. Like Anna I wonder how this is going to affect Jason. This journal is so dang real! You have a gift my friend.

  3. OMG I suspect you’re going to see a very different Jason emerge from this. More thoughtful and concerned about potential consequences.

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