February 15

Posted on: February 16, 2013

John and I strolled over to Bobby’s, with a box of food from the recently infused Food Pantry, and a can of gas from the grateful town of Moose Creek for the warning of the Wheelers.  There’s no telling what would have happened if we hadn’t known and been ready for them; the thought send shivers up my spine.  As we listened to the Ham radio, picking up bits and pieces of news, I took in the changes in the house.  Gone were the dirty floral sheets covering the furniture; no dishes stacked in the sink; and I’m thinking they removed some of the carpeting, but I’m not really sure about that, all I know is the smell is gone. It’s amazing what having water will do; water and knowing that someone cares.  Water; we live surrounded by lakes, yet the water isn’t that easy to come by.

A faint and slightly garbled transmission caught my attention:  A relatively large meteor has struck Russia, in a fairly remote area of the Siberian region, many injuries, but no deaths.  Right behind that announcement was another of a close fly by asteroid, which will be only 17000 miles from the earth.  That’s a long way, yet not.  NASA says it will miss us, but I wonder if the earth’s gravity will have any effect on it; it’s supposed to be the size of a football field.  I couldn’t hear where it will be passing over when it comes near.  We sure don’t need another disaster!  We live such unstable lives in an unstable world, it’s a wonder any of us survive.

More news confirms that most large cities are cesspools to live in.  Martial Law is the norm, and most law enforcement agencies have had to be augmented from the local population, so the corruption that has infiltrated the ranks is rampant.  The politicians are so far removed from the man on the street, they haven’t any idea what is really going on, and likely don’t want to know, so at least the political corruption hasn’t changed much.

One item of good news was that power is slowly being restored to the smaller towns and cities.  I felt my pulse jump a few beats when I heard that.  I wonder if there really is a chance we will have the electricity turned back on in the near future.  We just have to survive until then.

13 thoughts on “February 15

  1. yes, Jane, sooner or later I fear this will become real. But that’s part of why I’m writing this… If *I* can foresee something like this happening and present it to others, then perhaps they will be forewarned, and better prepared to deal with events when those events become a reality.

  2. I love the way you have interwoven fiction with actual occurrences. It keeps the readership forever uneasy, forever wondering, is it real, or is it a story ? The reality is that sooner or later, somewhere, if not Moose Creek, it will be real somewhere.

  3. …. (snicker) couldn’t resist. 😉

    Awesome set description, by the way… I feel as if I’ve been there.

    Can’t wait for the next posts. It’ll be tough to top the Tombstone episode. lol

  4. Love this story.
    Wondering if the 4-wheelers will be picked up at some point or will the company just put in a claim with insurance when the world goes “back to normal”? In the mean time, I think they should be dug out and let Moose Creek take the fuel out of them, or use them. The company is welcome to have them back when they come to claim them, but let’s face it…they are already “used”. Using them a bit more isn’t going to hurt them.
    The guns should have been confiscated though as “evidence”. (And a supply for the police in town!)

  5. Kris… the bodies were ‘delivered’ back to Sheriff Lacey on the flat bed truck by Paul…..(“tell me where to take them or I dump them here and now”)

    But… the “spoils” of war… were stolen, and should go back to the rightful owner.. the dealership.. .IF they want them…

  6. excellant points, Eric… I think the GFS trucks, (because Paul and flat bed driver had to drive thru, the logs had been cleared)……were able to drive straight up….
    you’ve NEVER called me Deb before…………………………………………………… 🙂

  7. Good questions, Nick! “Spoils of war”, I’d say. & I wonder what was done with the bodies. I’d have suggested sky-burial, myself….
    I wonder, if the people who left Moose Creek decide they want to come back- because it’s spring, or because the power gets turned back on – will they fit in again? Will they be resented because they weren’t there during the harder times?
    So many questions ! Tune in next time, when Deborah says “……”

  8. Finally knuckled down and caught up with the story. Absolutely love it!

    Wendy… definitely go back and read from the beginning; it’ll make more sense, and shapes the characters as any novel does.

    Nick… I had the same thoughts; I don’t think I’d have left the wheelers out around the road without making use of them.

    Deb (hehe)… how did the surprise GFS truck get around the logs? It would be quite an ordeal to clean-up a dumped load in that location at that time of year. Maybe for the novel (and future EM planning), could park a couple/three un-hitched (loaded) log trailers side-by-side, so nothing could get around them (on the road anyway); that way if you need to get out, or in, just hook-up and move one.

  9. At least one or two of those 4-wheelers would have my name written all over it, and the fuel, oil, filters from all of them. An extra set of tires or two sets would be nice to have too.

    After eight days or so, it would be questionable in my mind if the owner was ever planning to come and retrieve them.

    Oh, and who ended up with all the firearms, ammo and carried supplies from the ‘bad guys’?

  10. Wendy… from the 4th of what? you really should go all the way back to Oct. 19 and read all of it…

  11. Ditto to Judi’s post. I’m new to the site. I read from the 4th – this post not really knowing if it was fiction! Whew. I’m hooked!

  12. So much actual reality in this work of fiction I am still reminding myself that it IS fiction!!!! Thanks for another update, I wasn’t expecting one so soon, I thought the weekend might pass without one 🙂 What a nice surprise!

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