I Don’t Get It?

Posted on: February 19, 2013

Here’s what I don’t understand about the various theories about NWO,
Obama’s God complex, whatever you want to call it. And please don’t feel I’m being flippant here, I’m truly trying to understand.

Let’s say Obama does want to be “emperor” or whatever. What would be the point? What is the end game?

A government cannot exist without people under it to provide the labor, provide the funds, and support the politicians. I mean, that’s sort of a no brainer, right?

Ok, so let’s say the government rounds up all sorts of folks and puts them in camps. Then what? Sure, ok, you can make them work for nothing, essentially. But what sort of work could they do? Meanwhile, those are x number of taxpayers who no longer need to file a return, no longer pay federal or state tax, thus becoming more of a drain on the government coffers. I mean, they have to feed, clothe, and house the new prisoners. If you let them all die, then you don’t even get the work out of them.

Sure, in theory the government could take possession of their homes or other property. But what gain is there in that, really? That won’t do much of anything to increase the paychecks of the politicians. It isn’t like the majority of these “political prisoners” or whatever you want to call them are living high on the hog today.

Can someone enlighten me, please? What am I missing? And please don’t just say it is all about control. It isn’t now, never was, and never will be just about control for control’s sake. The only thing any politician really and truly wants to control is money. That’s the driving force at work here, always has been and always will be.

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  1. You are correct that it is control; mostly of money, yes, but also of actions and behaviors, and possibly ultimately, of the way people think.
    Look at the former Soviet Union. They took everything from the people to “redistribute evenly” to everyone. What actually happened was that only a few had everything and most had nothing. Not only did they have no money, they had no hope. They couldn’t travel to find better work because they had no money. They couldn’t travel to help family because they had not money. If you were sick, good luck getting the treatment you needed because you have no money. The people were the labor, you are correct. The peoples’ work built up a few powerful people and nothing for themselves because of “equitable distribution”.
    This is what people in America are afraid of. This is what the NWO or Obama’s God Complex could bring.
    Our country is built upon an idea of everyone has the equal opportunity to make their lives into what they want. The “pursuit of happiness” is exactly that, a pursuit, a chase. You make catch happiness and be poor as a churchmouse but have a great family life that makes you happy or you can work your tail off and become the next Bill Gates. You are allowed to choose your life’s direction, your work ethic, (your insurance), who you marry, etc.
    Controlling money can control many aspects. It can even buy votes. Not just of the politicians, but of the people too. If you depend on the gov’t for money, for any reason, the politicians can threaten to take your funding or they can offer to increase it. Who would you vote for? How many of us truly worry about the good of our countrymen over ourselves?
    Many are afraid in our country of what we have worked for being taken away. Thus we prep.

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