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She sat in the old rocker by the cold cook-stove, reading. A warm September breeze drifted in thru an open window, bringing with it the fragrant scent of the wild honeysuckle that now grew by the sliding glass door.  She closed the old, well-worn Journal and set it down, the tears pooling in her dark hazel eyes.  Oh, how sad Deborah had been, she thought, searching her pocket for a hanky; cloth of course, there’d been no paper tissues in a very long time, but she did remember them.

Emilee, now 25, lovingly stroked the smooth cover of the brown leather book her Nahna had faithfully kept for many years.  There would be time to continue reading, she thought, knowing there was more written, much more beyond the five months she had just finished.  She wiped her tears, shed in sympathy for the heart ache her grandmother had felt at the time, but also knowing that Grandpa John had come back to Nahna, not a month later, unable to stay away from the woman he loved so deeply.


Emi stood and stretched the kinks out of her back; she’d been sitting in one place too long, especially after hours of working in the garden.  It would be a good crop this year, she thought, Nahna would be pleased.  Her heart clenched.  Nahna passed away three weeks ago; pined away is more accurate, died from a broken heart, Emi thought.  Grandpa John had a heart attack and died two weeks before that, and Nahna just didn’t want to go on without him.

She glanced once more at The Journal.  Yes, there would be time to read more of Nahna’s life later.  And what a life it was! She knew, since she, Emilee Ashton Rush, was there.

14 thoughts on “EPILOGUE

  1. thank you, Michael. I just wish I could get the real John interested in the real Deborah……

  2. Girl ( Read as Lady) You Rock.
    John needs a “Gibbs” slap, up side the back of his head.(NCIS)
    Take care, keep writing as time and sanity permitts.
    Michael in Middle TN.

  3. AWESOME journey , Deborah!! What a fabulous read! Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. Judi….. this means more to me than you might imagine. It shows me I succeeded! Succeeded in stirring the emotions .. anger, sadness, suspense, and happiness… and the desire for more. Thank you.

  5. Deborah, I will admit (today) that after reading yesterday’s post, I wanted to SCREAM… because of where you left off. Now as I finish your epilogue, i no longer wish to scream 😉 You have taken us up the mountain of suspense, sent us crashing down in a broken heap, but have brought us through to the other side, with a sad, yet HAPPY ending.. and do I dare say it.. an ending that seems as though there could be a new beginning or a continuation of the story just finished.

    I would tip my hat to you (if I wore hats) or raise my glass of wine in a toast, but I have no wine, so I will toast you with good wishes and many thanks instead, for a well written, suspenseful, very engaging, informative work of mostly fiction from which I admit to having learned more than a few things while reading. I am a bit sad to see this end, but it will be ok, because you my friend, are still around, and I may yet harass you about writing more, or another, either way, I would read it 😉

  6. Loved the ending. Sent a tingle thru me to know they did get to spend their life together. Sad that this is the end. But hope Emilee will let us read more of Deborah’s journal or hear how her life evolved. Great job in capturing our attention and keeping us coming back. It is a great writer that creates characters the audience falls in love with.


  7. Deborah!
    Wonderful, I love it. Thank you for the “open door”. Giggling over the “hanky” note.

    You’ve given us a great story and the possibility of more to look forward to.

    I think your trip into town to resign some of your duties was a forewarning of the fact that in the fiction, as well as in real life, there was more that you personally needed to do and the time to devote to the Journal was growing to an end.

    Again, love The Journal, am so glad we all had the opportunity to see life from “Deborah’s” point of view.

    Hoping that you will now have a little time to rest and relax and enjoy yourself and Tufts and loved ones before the hard work of the coming spring and summer come upon you,.

    God bless,

  8. Thank You from me as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed following the story of the ups and downs of “Deborah’s” life punctuated with bits of prepping advice. AND You have left the door open for it to continue…..or not. …noting the comment on the lack of paper tissues.

  9. Thank you Deborah. This story has touched my heart, taken me thru a full range of emotions, giving me prep reminders, and most of all giving me hope. Kudos.

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