The Weller — Adam J. Whitlatch

Posted on: April 30, 2013

Back when I was a kid, I absolutely loved all those cheesy post-nuke book series that were so popular in the 1980s and 90s. Stuff like THE LAST RANGER by Craig Sargent and TRAVELER by D.B. Drumm. Of course, there were the movies too. The Road Warrior comes immediately to mind.

THE WELLER harkens back to those days when the best post-apocalyptic stories involved gun battles waged from classic muscle cars screaming through a desert landscape. Part throwback and part homage, this ebook was non-stop fun.

Clean water is a valuable commodity in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Matt Freeborn was taught at his grandfather’s knee how to be a “weller,” someone skilled at finding hidden reserves of water. The antithesis of a weller is a “distiller.” These evil men harvest water from the dead, even sometimes the living. They hook bodies up to machines that drain every drop of H2O, water that tastes like death.

As the story progresses, Matt battles distillers, mutants, and all sorts of ne’er do wells. Along the way, he also liberates one of the coolest muscle cars ever produced, a 1971 Road Runner. Upon coming across an old friend, Matt resolves to help his buddy out in his time of need. The two then pair up to take on a small army of bad guys, all intent on turning Matt and company into glass jars of clear liquid.

THE WELLER is very well written. The main cast isn’t just full of stock characters but fleshed out enough that the reader sees them as people. Their actions and motivations make sense and the dialogue rings true. The author shares just enough back story to make the reader crave for more.

If you’re like me and you recall fondly movies like The Road Warrior and/or books like THE OUTRIDER by Richard Harding, you won’t want to miss THE WELLER!

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