Surviving Civil Unrest by Chance Sanders

Posted on: May 24, 2013

I’ve known Chance Sanders for a couple years now. We met when we were both guest speakers at the 2011 Survival & Preparedness Conference in Dallas, Texas. In the time since, we’ve traded several emails and phone calls, often talking for an hour or two, discussing all manner of survival skills and preparations. He has always impressed me with his knowledge and experience. Chance is a former Marine and now works as a private consultant. He’s been there, done that.

In his new DVD, Surviving Civil Unrest, Chance gives practical information and advice on handling emergency situations in an urban environment. While most of us would love to never have to even visit a large city, let alone live or work in one, the reality is that just isn’t feasible for everyone. Therefore, learning survival techniques that are particularly applicable to the unique aspects of urban areas is critical.

As Chance notes, a common factor to all urban disasters is civil unrest. Looters, riots, even just plain panic will quickly overwhelm law enforcement and other agencies, leaving most folks on their own for a while. The premise of the presentation is a hypothetical bug out from an unknown incident in the city. Whatever happened is causing people to panic and Chance is working to extricate himself. Throughout the video, there are cut scenes with interviews with various other experts, adding great value to the overall content.

One idea he touches on a few times is something I myself have touted here on and elsewhere — skills trump stuff every single time. It is far better to know HOW to do something than just happen to have the right item at the right time. Gear is great but it can never replace that tool that rests between your ears.

Planning is key and he talks about this at length. Having written plans your family at home can refer to while you communicate with them is a great idea. Another great tactic he mentions is setting up ahead of time specific intervals for communication during an emergency. By having in your written plans that you will call on the hour or half hour, assuming you’re able to do so, avoids the necessity of keeping your phone turned on the entire time. This allows you the ability to be comfortable with turning it off or to silent as needed when traveling. Your family also doesn’t need to hover by the phone at all times and can instead focus on getting you help if need be.

Chance also talks a bit about how to blend in with the crowd. If you’re walking down the sidewalk, you want to be invisible, not stand out because you’re wearing the latest and greatest tacticool gear.

The production quality of the video overall is much better than average. It is obviously professionally produced, rather than just a couple guys with digital camcorders running around playing ninja.

I feel Surviving Civil Unrest should be required viewing for any prepper who lives, works, or travels to urban environments.

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