EcoZoom Stoves

Posted on: June 18, 2013

Name of company: EcoZoom
Mailing address: 2820 NW Nela Street, Portland, OR, 97210
Phone: 903-ECO-ZOOM
Year company founded: 2011
Products sold: Premium Wood or Charcoal Burning Rocket Stoves
Additional information for our readers: EcoZoom is a for-profit, certified B Corp that makes clean cookstoves accessible and affordable in developing countries where half the world cooks on an inefficient open fire or primitive cook stove, resulting in negative environmental and health effects. Here in the US, EcoZoom stoves are great for emergency preparedness, off-grid living, and outdoor use. They are rugged and durable, with a lifespan of 13,000 hours of cooking and can accomodate any type of pot or pan for cooking.

Each model is insulated to allow for maximum cooking efficiency and to reduce the risk of burns while still putting out over 20,000 BTUs. Try one today and discover how easy it is to cook with wood, charcoal, or solid biomass using limited fuel while still having maximum power.

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