I Propose a New Government Agency

Posted on: July 3, 2013

I know what you’re thinking — there’s enough bureaucracy already, isn’t there? Trust me, I think you’ll agree with this one.

The Department of Common Sense is something that is obviously greatly needed. Here’s how it would work.

Every piece of legislation would have to be run by the Department of Common Sense prior to being sent to the “powers that be” for voting. Once it has passed the Department of Common Sense, the legislation cannot be altered in any way. If the DCS doesn’t approve it, it goes back to be reworked as needed.

The DCS would be staffed by every day, normal folks like you and me. No millionaires, no career politicians, no celebrities looking to stay in the limelight just a little longer. Instead, the DCS would be comprised of people who have actually had to work for a living, who’ve had to struggle to pay their bills, who have not been given everything their hearts desired their entire lives.

Qualifications to serve in the DCS would include:

–Minimum age of 30. Let’s face it, no one really develops good, working common sense until about age 30. Don’t believe me? Pull out some of those photos of yourself when you were just out of college. No one with any degree of common sense would wear those outfits….

–No “silver spoon” folks. Common sense goes right out the window if wealth is involved. Case in point — our current politicians.

–Each member will have to pass a basic life skills exam. Things like balancing a checkbook, determining the best deal when shopping, and how to balance football practice, orchestra practice, parent/teacher meetings, work, karate class, ballet, and still have time to at least see your spouse a couple hours a week.

Members would serve terms lasting six months. No need to live in or near Washington, D.C. either. Using the Internet, web cams, Skype, and such, members could live just about anywhere and still get together for regular meetings.

Members would be paid, of course, and better than the $15 they’d get for a day of jury duty. But, we’re not talking a full-time income here either. Just enough to make it worth their while.

Proposed legislation would be examined by these folks to determine if it passes the sniff test. If it smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit, odds are it ain’t chocolate pudding. If the legislation is too densely written to be understood by these “regular folks,” then it will need to be rewritten and resubmitted.

I know, some of you are thinking — What about the risk of bribery? What’s to stop some mega corporation from lining their pockets so they get what they want?

I have a simple solution for that. If an investigation conducted by a specially designated, independent committee finds evidence of corruption, the guilty parties face a MANDATORY minimum sentence of 25 years in a high-risk correctional facility. No Club Fed, I’m talking about the sort of place that would give Manson nightmares.

What do you think?

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