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Posted on: July 9, 2013

All too often, we purchase or download what sounds like such a great book and we end up disappointed. The author might have a great story idea, a great hook or twist, but it is bogged down with typos, grammatical errors, head jumping, another common mistakes. It isn’t that the author doesn’t know how to write, it is just that he or she doesn’t know how to edit properly.

Every professional author, from Stephen King on down the line, knows their editor is the one who makes them shine. Granted, few writers relish the thought of someone taking a red pen through their manuscript, being told to cut this or add that. The reality though is it takes another set of eyes to see what the writer missed.

With such a glut of self-published books on the market today, it is critical an author does everything in his or her power to ensure their book stands above the competition. As any successful author will tell you, when it comes to self-pubbed books, you make your money on repeat business. If a reader picks up a book and likes it, they will head to Amazon to look for more by the same author, often buying a copy of each book that is available.

However, if the book is difficult to read, riddled with problems and errors, the reader may never even finish it, let alone risk spending a couple bucks and possibly getting more of the same.

You’ve spent several weeks, possibly months, working on your book. Don’t you want to put out the absolute best product possible?

Here’s what we offer:

1) A complete line edit of your manuscript. We look for typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and any other mistakes.

2) General feedback on the story itself. Does the dialogue ring true? Do the actions and motives of the characters match? How does the story compare to the competition?

Rest assured, at no time do we do anything that affects the style or voice of the author. In fact, we don’t change the manuscript at all. We highlight mistakes for you to correct as you see fit as well as provide you with the feedback in a separate document.

We are offering these services at a special introductory rate of $250.00 per manuscript (up to 100,000 words). If your manuscript is longer than that, we’ll talk about the fee but odds are the work needs to be cut down anyway.

Turnaround time is roughly 30 days. Given that we want to get the material back to you as soon as possible, we only accept a limited number of projects at a time.

If you are interested in this service, or if you have questions about it, please email — Jim@SurvivalWeekly.com.

Jim is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling PREPPER’S HOME DEFENSE as well as THE PREPPER’S COMPLETE BOOK OF DISASTER READINESS. He also has several more books already under contract. He has contributed to several major magazines, such as Boy’s Life, Complete Survivalist, and Living Ready.

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