Minimalist Approach to EDC

Posted on: July 11, 2013

When I have the time to do so, I like to peruse a few different survival-related message boards. In addition to trying to keep abreast of the latest developments in the prepper community, I love to read lists of what people have in their bug out bags as well as what they have on them for every day carry (EDC).

Quite often, those lists make me chuckle. Occasionally, I’m flabbergasted at either the outright lies people tell or how ridiculous they sound.

I saw one such EDC list today. Now, as far as I know, this guy isn’t a member of some sort of elite military unit, a tactical law enforcement team, or anything else along those lines. He’s just an average dude.

Here’s just a sampling, not an all-inclusive list, of what he allegedly carries on his person daily.

No less than three different knives.
A knife sharpener.
Two different flashlights with extra batteries.
Pistol with two extra magazines.
Notebook with three pens.
Several feet of paracord.
Two butane lighters.
Magnesium striker.
Two multi-tools.
Cell phone with extra battery.
Two separate key rings with multiple attachments hanging from them.

Now, all that is in addition to what the average person would have, such as wallet and keys. Also keep in mind, all that stuff is in his pockets or on his belt. No mention is made of a shoulder bag, backpack, or any other such conveyance.

I don’t know where he works but I’m pretty sure he jingles like a high school janitor when he walks.

Personally, I like a more minimalist approach to EDC. I don’t want to carry around 20lbs of gear with me when I’m just working in the office. I’m rarely ever more than a few hundred feet from my vehicle, which has my bug out bag and other gear in it. Further, I have a small survival kit in my desk at work, something similar to this one.

Here’s what I feel a minimalist EDC would look like:

–Keychain with vehicle and house keys.
–Wallet with cash, credit cards, and emergency phone numbers.
–Pocket knife or multi-tool.
–Small butane lighter.
–Cell phone.
–Small LED penlight.

Add to that a handgun if you so choose and can legally carry it. Everything else can be kept in your kit in your desk, in your car, or elsewhere within easy reach.

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