Book Bomb Day – August 13

Posted on: August 2, 2013

Just like we did late last year with PREPPER’S HOME DEFENSE, we doing a Book Bomb Day for THE PREPPER’S COMPLETE BOOK OF DISASTER READINESS. While the book is most certainly in Amazon’s warehouse, they haven’t made it “live” yet on their site. So, all orders placed today are considered “preorders” and your book will ship as soon as it is released from their warehouse.

What is a Book Bomb Day? This is a day when we try to promote the hell out of a new book, with the goal being to get folks who want to buy it to all order it on the same day. This causes the book to rapidly climb through the ranks on Amazon and elsewhere, increasing the book’s exposure.

This is also a chance for you to win some pretty cool stuff if you play along.

To enter the contest, you need to help promote the book in one or more of the following ways.

1) Post about the book on Facebook. You need to make sure you “tag” Survival Weekly when doing so in order for me to know you did it. To do so, just under where you write your post, you’ll see an icon that looks like a person with a + sign next to him. Click that, then type Survival Weekly. If you aren’t already “friends” with Survival Weekly on Facebook, send over a friend request or subscribe to the page.

2) Tweet the book info on Twitter. Be sure to include @SurvivalWeekly in your Tweet so I get notified you did it. If you aren’t already following Survival Weekly on Twitter, be sure to do so.

3) Email friends and family about the book. BCC me on the email — — so I know you did it.

You’ll receive one entry for each of those things. Do all three and you get 3 entries!

Now, for the fun stuff. On or about August 16, we’ll draw three names at random from all entries received. Those three folks will win:

1st place — A copy of THE PREPPER’S COMPLETE BOOK OF DISASTER READINESS and a copy of PREPPER’S HOME DEFENSE, as well as a fully equipped bug out bag, ready for your customization!

2nd place — A copy of THE PREPPER’S COMPLETE BOOK OF DISASTER READINESS, an Aquamira Water Filter Bottle, and a Mountain House Sampler Pack (contains 12 servings of a variety of freeze-dried foods).


Now, you are welcome to promote the book at any time but the only qualifying entries will be received on August 13.

The preferred link I’d like shared in any post is:

However, you are welcome to link to the book however you see fit. Whether you use the link above or not, as long as you are promoting the book, your entry will qualify.

Any questions, please email me —

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