Bad Monkey Folding Knife

Posted on: August 12, 2013
Bad Monkey Folding Knife

Recently, the good folks over at Southern Grind sent me a knife to review.

This Bad Monkey folding knife has a 4″ drop point blade made from 14C-28N steel. The scales are made from a twill-weave textured carbon fiber. Open, the entire knife is a hair over 9″ long. It has a liner lock made out of 6AL4V Titanium. The knife features a small pocket clip on the handle as well as an Emerson Wave along the spine. It retails for $180.00.

The knife feels good in my hand. I have fairly large hands and the handle extends all the way through my fist. I really appreciate this as it makes the knife feel solid in my grasp.

Out of the box, the blade is sharp enough to shave electrons off an atom, or at least dry shave hair off my arm. The blade swings out smoothly from the handle, though the movement is a bit stiff. The liner lock keeps the blade secure, with no wobble or wiggle.

The pocket clip, at first glance, seems woefully small but it does keep the knife secured in my pocket with no trouble.

I also found in the box a leather koozie, leather key fob, and black
paracord bracelet. All very cool.

The knife has stood up to every task I’ve put before it, from cutting
fruit in the kitchen to prying up roots in the garden, cutting rope and plastic zip ties to batoning branches a couple inches thick.

While a folding knife is not, or should not be, a primary choice for a self-defense weapon, if you went that route you could do much worse than this Bad Monkey folder. The textured scales prevent you from losing your grip should the knife become wet. The knife feels plenty solid enough in my hand to feel I could do some serious damage if I had to do so.

However, the knife does lose a few points. First, this whole Emerson Wave thing. See that little notch there in the picture, right next to the thumb stud along the blade spine?

That’s the Emerson Wave. When the knife is carried in your pocket, it sits with the hinge down and the blade point up. As you withdraw the knife, that notch is supposed to catch on your pocket and automatically swing the blade open. Personally, I don’t like
the idea of a folding knife coming open automatically as I pull it out. If I’m working in a cramped area, say under my car or in a closet, the last thing I want is an open, razor sharp, blade anywhere near my pocket. The blade has a thumb stud. If I have a hand to pull out the knife, odds are pretty damn good I have a thumb to open the blade.

Another reason I’m not sold on the Emerson Wave — let’s say I’m standing next to a law enforcement officer and for whatever reason I have to remove the knife from my pocket. Having that blade come swinging open as I do so will likely make a bad day get oh so much worse in a heartbeat.

As I mentioned, the knife rests with the blade pointed up when in the
pocket. This is the exact opposite of every other folding knife I’ve
owned and it takes some getting used to.

Also, when opening a folding knife with one hand, quite often you’ll open it partially with the thumb stud, then “flick” the blade all the way open. That works just fine with this knife but I’ve found that after doing so, the liner lock is very difficult to disengage. More than once, I had to pull out a needle nosed pliers or a multitool to get the liner lock to squeeze open enough for the blade to fold back into the handle.

All in all, I’d give the Bad Monkey drop point folder a 7.5 out of 10. If it weren’t for the Emerson Wave and the problems with the liner lock, easily 9.5 out of 10.

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