Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Living by Stacy Harris

Posted on: October 29, 2013

Many preppers and survivalists plan to augment their food storage through harvesting gardens and wild game. This is not at all a bad plan, of course. In her new book, RECIPES AND TIPS FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING, Stacy Harris shows us how to take these plans to the next level.

As you leaf through the book, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is lavishly illustrated. Eye-popping color photos adorn almost every single page. Given that the focus here is on cooking mouth-watering meals, that stands to reason. Fair warning — do not read this book on an empty stomach!

The book is divided into three main sections — Garden, Beyond the Garden, and Woods and Water. In the first section, Ms. Harris talks about Heirloom Gardening, Vertical and Container Gardening, Herbs, and Preserving. In each of these subsections, she has several recipes utilizing what has been grown in the gardens. These recipes, such as Corn Chowder, Herb Frittata, and Granny’s Garden Vegetable Soup, are laid out in easy to follow fashion. Nothing too fancy or beyond the capabilities of the average cook.

In Beyond the Garden, Ms. Harris goes through foraging for wild foods, beekeeping, and raising poultry. Again, several recipes accompany these sections. Wild Blueberry Pie, Baked Peaches with Honey and Almonds, Rooster and Dumplings, even Southern Style Eggs Benedict.

Moving to Woods and Water, she has a lengthy section on venison, as well as wild turkey, duck, quail, small game, and seafood and fish. The recipes included here are enough to make you want to hit the trail today to bring home squirrel or rabbit just so you can try them out!

Throughout the book, Ms. Harris includes great practical information gleaned from her years of experience. Make no mistake, this is a woman who didn’t need to do much of any library research and instead relied upon just sharing what she’s learned by doing. It is readily apparent throughout that she has been there, done that. From de-boning a quail to trussing a venison loin, nothing is left to guesswork.

You might ask yourself why a prepper would want a cookbook like this, right? I mean, food is food, whether it comes from No. 10 can of beans or a squirrel you nailed with a pellet gun. Here’s the thing. First, I saw little to nothing in the way of ingredients that any prepper worth his or her salt wouldn’t have on hand, whether from stored goods or harvested from the garden and such. The recipes here don’t consist of weird, rare ingredients that you’d only buy for one specific meal. Second, the foods described in this book are healthy, not pumped full of preservatives and other chemicals. There is actual FOOD in these foods, know what I mean? Finally, and perhaps most important, self-sufficiency and prepping go hand in hand. The less you rely upon the supermarket to provide your food, the better off you’ll be in the long run. By learning how to prepare meals from scratch, as detailed in this book, you’ll be better able to provide for your family’s needs in a long-term crisis.

Plus, you show me someone who says they won’t like fried rabbit with honey butter sauce and I’ll show you a liar.

You can find RECIPES AND TIPS FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING at all major bookstores, including here on Amazon.

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