Self-Reliance Illustrated #17 (November/December 2013)

Posted on: November 12, 2013

For those who might not be familiar with it, Self-Reliance Illustrated is a joint venture between Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder School and Blind Horse Knives. This is their 17th issue.

This is the first issue of SRI that I’ve read and it was enough to make me want the entire back issue collection.

My first impression upon grabbing the copy from the table was, “Wow, this is a pretty hefty magazine!” At 98 pages of glossy magazine paper, that weight stands to reason. Leafing through, I was also impressed at the advertising vs. content ratio. Every magazine survives on advertising dollars, of course, but there is an awful lot of actual content here, rather than pages and pages of filler ads.

Dave Canterbury’s editorial in this issue is titled Dirt Time. Here, he talks about the importance of actually going out into the field to practice different skills, rather than just relying upon book learning and such. Truer words never spoken. He also mentions how the different seasons can affect your outdoor experience. In the early summer, you can be assured you’ll find all sorts of wild edibles but that can change dramatically in the dead of winter.

Several product reviews appear throughout the magazine. All are well written and show the reviewers really put the products to the test. One in particular, a review of Micro Inferno fire starters, has me very intrigued and I might have to pick some up for myself. Another, a review of the WaterWise(c) Non-Electric Distiller, has me very interested as well.

Layers, It’s Not Just For Clothes, by Todd Gantzer, talks about something I’ve written about a time or two — the need to create multiple kits and use them as a system. For example, an Altoids tin kit is in your pocket at all times. You then add a small pack on your belt or shoulder with additional gear. By adding layers to your survival system, you give yourself more options. And options, my friends, is what it is all about!

Thermoregulation and Hypothermia by Jonathan McCord, RRT, is an excellent primer on how to prevent, recognize, and treat hypothermia.

Dan’s Hunting Pack by Dan Coppins outlines the basic kit he carries with him when out in the field. While he readily admits to changing things here and there based on the expected activities, this is a great peek into a DIY kit. As with many preppers, I love to get a look at what other people put into their various survival kits.

There are a ton of other articles in this issue, including:

Commando Gunsmithing by Bob Campbell
EDC Clothing by Michael Henninger
Map Grids by Brian Andrews
The Importance of Attitude and Shelter by Curt Linville
Bottle Jug Sling Knot by Scott Wickham Jr.
Wood Sorrel by Craig and Jennifer Caudill

And many, many more. All told, there are about 24 different articles in this issue, which again speaks to the high ratio of content to ads. I’ve seen smaller-sized publications that have considerably less useful content.

All in all, I cannot recommend Self-Reliance Illustrated enough. I highly suggest picking up a copy to see for yourself. You can find more information by clicking here to head over to their website.

1 thought on “Self-Reliance Illustrated #17 (November/December 2013)

  1. I’m former SS 67/70…Retireed but not Dead…I look for devices that work and that can be Improved. I’ve made little Alt-kits for people and really enjoy doing it…I’ve also learned a lot…
    Wouldn’t mind hooking up with like minded retirees…Help teach the “Grasshopper’s how to Survive and Grow”
    as 1st Sgt…use to say.

    As Always…Sempa Fi…Do…but NO Die…Waste of Good Government Property…
    Do that and Go before the Cap’s Mast.

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