One Prepper’s Wish List

Posted on: December 2, 2013

If you have a prepper on your holiday list this year and are struggling to find that perfect gift, here are some suggestions I’ve taken from my own personal wish list.

Mission Knives CSP-A2 Knife
I had the opportunity to play around with one of these at the Blade Show earlier this year. Designed by Chance Sanders, it is definitely made to take a beating and keep coming back for more. Pricey? Yes. But, you’ll only need to buy it once and you’ll be set for a lifetime.

Gamma Seal Lids
One of the best things to come along since honey roasted cashews, Gamma Lids help you to keep your food storage fresh in those ubiquitous 5 gallon buckets you pick up from delis and bakeries. Far easier to open and close than the traditional bucket lid, Gamma Lids just screw on and off.

Cast Iron Cookware
No prepper’s kitchen can be considered complete without cast iron cookware. Not only does the stuff last damn near forever if you maintain it properly, there just isn’t much better in life than stew or chili cooked in a cast iron pot over an open flame.

A decent compass ensures they will never lose their way again. Assuming, of course, they know how to read one.

Maxxeon Pocket Floodlight
Hands down, the brightest pocket flashlight I’ve ever run across. At 140 lumens, it will light up your work area like nothing else.

The Power Pot
Charge your cell or small tablet while heating dinner (using any heat source available) at the same time. Just awesome.

What is going on your own wish list this year?

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