Paracord Survival Bracelets 101

Posted on: January 8, 2014

Guest article provided by Andrew Hallinan

If you are a prepper, adventurer, traveler, or just an everyday person with a passion to explore, there is no better way to improve your bug out bag (or personal safety kit) than adding a 550 Paraband bracelet to your kit. Paracord, which is also popularly known as 550-Cord, is rated to hold up to 550lbs and is useful for hundreds of different tasks.

Paracord has gained popularity in the last few decades. It was first deployed by the US military during World War II by paratroopers landing in Europe. When they landed on the ground, the paratroopers found paracord to be super useful for a variety of other tasks.
Paracord extremely versatile in its use, and can be used in hundreds of ways.

Whether developing a makeshift shelter, snares and traps, gill nets and fishing lines, trip lines, or even a tourniquet – paracord packs an effective performance that is capable of providing lifesaving sustenance during all sort of crises.

550 Paracord: So Many Uses in a Survival Situation

Essentially a sturdy twine of powerfully flexible nylon, paracord has a huge amount of strength within a comfortable shape. The material of lightweight nylon with a smooth texture makes paracord a perfect choice for traveling and prepping when it can be tied around the ankle or wrist as anklets and bracelets.

The elastic properties of the cord have the capacity to withstand immense stress and pressure. On the other hand, the cord can be molded to prepare various kinds of endurance apparatus to help you survive even in the harshest possible of conditions.

Design and Variety of Parabands

Prominent paraband companies offer products like bracelets and anklets in the traditional US military specs of 550-cords measuring 3/8 inches or 9.525 mm in its diameter.

Renowned for its strappingly tough framework, paraband has undergone numerous stylish alterations to meet the fashionable demands of modern travelers who love to infuse a feel of personalized style with functionality.

The designs vary in technique of twirling the cords in thin and broad lines as well as in multitude of color combinations. Also, if you are a pet owner, you can also buy a pet collar for your bundle of joy.

How to Size a Paracord Bracelet or Anklet

Follow these easy steps to measure your Paraband anklet, bracelet, or any other product. Wrap a strand tightly around the wrist, measure it, add an inch to your measurement, and finally choose the suitable size for your Paraband product. If the size is between two sizes, opt for the subsequent larger size for ideal fit. Also, a little large band can be soaked in water to shrink about ¼ inch.

When safety and security are of paramount importance, Parabands provide vital and efficient functionality with no effort.

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