Brite-Strike Camp Perimeter Security System

Posted on: January 10, 2014
Brite-Strike Camp Perimeter Security System

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The Brite-Strike Camp Alert Perimeter Security System and Survival Signaling System (CAPSS3) is a relatively inexpensive early warning system. The primary component is a small plastic box with a slider switch, LED lights on either end, and a pull pin. The unit is roughly 3 inches long, one inch wide, and about 3/4 inch thick.

The alarm is always “on” and is activated by removing the pin. Once pulled out, the 135db alarm sounds until the pin is replaced or the battery wears out. How loud is that? Just a touch quieter than a jet engine at about 100 feet away. Suffice to say, this alarm will get your attention when it goes off.

The pull pin is on one end of the unit and a small eyelet is on the other. To use the alarm, you use this eyelet to secure the unit to something stationary, such as a wall or tree.

A trip wire is then attached to the pull pin by means of a small ring running through the pin.

The wire is strung where you need it, such as attached to a door. When the wire is pulled or tripped, the pin is yanked out of the unit, sounding the alarm. As the alarm goes off, there is also a bright blue LED light that strobes. The unit comes with an adhesive pad attached to the back for a more permanent installation. Personally, I’d rather have it portable, so I can quickly install it where needed.

Also in the box are two APALS (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips). About 1.5″ long, they are small LED lights with four settings — off, fast strobe, slow strobe, steady on. One side of each strip is adhesive, so you could attach it to a wall or something. The other side is polished metallic plastic, allowing you to use it as a signal mirror in a pinch.

There are also two 10 meter trip lines, some duct tape, and a couple of nylon zip ties in the box. These are all what I consider just bonuses. The alarm unit itself is where the product shines.

In addition to being used as an early warning system, the CAPSS3 is small enough to toss into your pack when you’re hitting the trail. In the event you become lost, you could hang the alarm from a tree limb, set it off, and wait to be rescued. The alarm is loud enough that someone is bound to hear it, unless you are WAY off the beaten path. The red LED light on the unit can be used for viewing things, such as maps, at night without compromising your night vision.

This product would be great for both urban and rural preppers who are concerned about home invasions or other types of theft. Remember, while we often refer to it as a tripwire alarm, the wire need not be placed at foot level. It could just be attached to an object likely to be moved if someone breaks in. The pin has enough drag that it won’t fall out with a sneeze but it doesn’t take much of a yank at all to remove it.

The Brite-Strike Camp Alert Perimeter Security System runs about $40.00 direct from the manufacturer, slightly less on Amazon.

Here’s the video review:

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