Take Care of Medical Issues While You Can

Posted on: January 15, 2014

We live in a society where medical care is fairly easy to obtain. Notice, I didn’t say it was necessarily affordable. What I mean is, if we have an ailment or injury, finding prompt and competent care for it isn’t a Herculean task. If nothing else, we can go to a local emergency room for treatment.

In times of crisis, though, that will likely not be an option. While many of us possess varying degrees of first aid supplies and training, the heavy-duty stuff is probably beyond our capabilities.

My father is diabetic and has been for many years. Unfortunately, due to a wide range of factors, some rather serious complications have come up recently. At the minimum, he’s going to lose a couple of toes on his left foot. Had he waited much longer to go to the hospital, it would be at least the lower half of his left leg that would need to be amputated. This sort of thing is, sadly, rather common to diabetics.

Now, what if the proverbial “something” had occurred before he’d finally gone in for medical treatment?

We all know people who put off medical treatment, sometimes for months or even years. The hip that should be replaced. The neck or back problems. The cold or sniffles that just linger forever and may be a sign of something more serious.

I understand the reluctance, believe me. I despise going to the doctor for anything. It is always a hassle to get an appointment, the insurance paperwork can be problematic, and let’s face it, nobody likes bad news. But, if these problems and issues aren’t addressed, they aren’t going to get any better on their own.

If/when the feces hit the rotary air movement device, routine medical care will probably be one of the first things that becomes history. Post-collapse survival will be difficult enough for a relatively healthy person with all their limbs functioning properly, let alone for someone with a bad hip or chronic pneumonia.

Do yourself and your family a favor and get medical treatment for issues as soon as they crop up. Take advantage of the availability of medical care while it is still around.

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