January 27 – so much for global warming!

Posted on: January 27, 2014
 I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, even to me.  I do know there are others that are a lot worse off than I am.
 At least I’m reasonable warm, although the wood stove is having a hard time keeping up with the bitter winds that just suck the heat out of the house.  It’s January 27 and I’m already half way through the row of wood meant for February.  Since I always have wood left over come May, I’m not concerned, and I do have more that I could – literally- dig out.  I’m going to snowshoe out to the propane tank today and check the level.  Last time it was down to 55%, low for me, but acceptable.
At least I have plenty of food and do not HAVE to get to a grocery store, though I may have to ration myself on the remaining lettuce I have… I do love my salads (often 50% of my dinner!).  Maybe I’ll splurge and make a pizza for dinner tonight .. a bit of comfort food :).
The bonus is, since I’m not going anywhere, I have plenty of time to write, and I’m almost 50% done with Moose Creek, the sequel to The Journal.
Temp this morning was -6, and now it’s -8.5, the high for today is -5, the low is -16.  75 miles down the coastline is under a Blizzard Warning, here it’s a Wind Chill warning of -45.  Likely the schools are closed.  In some areas, the schools have closed so often this winter due to the weather, they’re considering Saturday classes so the kids won’t have to make up the days in July!  The bitter temps have kept the snow from melting/settling/evaporating and it’s really piling up, even though we’re down almost a foot from average: we’ve just crested 100″
My usual attire for the day is hunting socks (thick and cushy), sweat pants, turtleneck shirt and a down vest, and I still get cold.
I’m making bread twice a week (half goes to my son) so the oven helps heat the kitchen, and I’m staying on top the laundry so the dryer heats the bathroom.
Last Fall I predicted this would be a harsh winter.  I hate being right.


in the UP of MI

3 thoughts on “January 27 – so much for global warming!

  1. My 87 year-old dad (a farmer) always says the same thing about winter,”It’s always a weird year weather-wise. The average temperature, wind speeds, and rain/snow fall are truly that – averages. Each year is completely different, there is no ‘normal’.”
    I am really beginning to get it through my thick head how right he is. I can’t remember a more strange weather pattern, and the lack of precipitation in the midwest is rather frightening.

  2. “Temp this morning was -6, and now it’s -8.5, the high for today is -5, the low is -16. ‘

    Yea but if it weren’t for global warming it would be .0001 degrees warmer. We gotta stop global warming before its too late.

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