Tex Creek by TOPS Knives

Posted on: March 4, 2014
Tex Creek by TOPS Knives

My first thought upon picking up the Tex Creek fixed blade knife was, Man, this is a SOLID knife! At 9 inches overall, it weighs a deceptively heavy 7.1oz. This was followed closely by admiring the really neat “Black River Wash” finish they put on the blade.

Honestly, no photos truly do it justice. It is a beauty of a blade.

All told, the knife runs 9″ in length. The blade is a hair longer than 4″, leaving roughly a 5″ handle.

The handle is constructed of black micarta canvas scales attached to a full tang. As you can see, there is some contouring to the handle, which makes it fit my hand like a glove.

Let’s look at that blade again. It is 3/16″ thick, making it very sturdy but a bit thin for really heavy chores, like chopping through large branches. It has a bit of jimping, though, which really helps maintaining control of the blade while carving and things of that nature.

The clip point of the Tex Creek makes it great for puncturing as well as carving. Needle sharp, yet not so vulnerable as a traditional bowie point can be.

The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel (56-58 HRC). Personally, I like high carbon blades as they strike a great balance between durability and ease of sharpening.

The sheath, shown here, is stitched leather. Honestly, the sheath is my only real complaint about the knife. The leather is a bit thinner than I’d like and the knife isn’t quite as secure in the sheath as desired.

Now, personally, I rather like pouch sheaths. And, regular readers here know I much prefer leather sheaths to just about any other material. What can I say, I’m a bit of a traditionalist! But, in this case, I’d have liked some sort of snap or loop because the knife fits a bit loose in the sheath. After putting it on my belt, I jogged around a bit and the knife never fell out but it just didn’t feel nearly as secure as I’d have liked.

All in all, the Tex Creek is a very comfortable knife to use. It fits my hand very well and while it is heavier than it looks, there is no noticeable hand fatigue after using it for a while. I very much enjoyed using this knife and consider it a great addition to my gear.

Currently, the Tex Creek is going for about $125.00 here on Amazon. Perhaps one of my favorite features of the Tex Creek is that it is MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A.!

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