Matches + Toilet Paper = Roaring Fire!

Posted on: March 20, 2014
DIY firestarters

One of the best homemade fire starters I’ve ever used is stunningly simple to make. Plus, they are small enough to fit into almost any size kit. For this project, you’ll need:

–Strike anywhere matches
–Toilet paper
–Melted wax (such as old crayons or broken candles)

Start by melting the wax. I’ve found one of the easiest ways to do this is to put the broken crayons or candles in an old soup can, filling it about halfway or so. Then, place the can into a couple of inches of water your heating on the stove. Keep the water just simmering, no need for a rolling boil. As the wax melts, stir it around with a small twig to break up any chunks.

Now, take one square of toilet paper and tear it in half, right down the middle. The pieces will end up being just wide enough to almost cover the length of a match.

Pinch the paper between two matches, then roll it around, wrapping the matches up tight.

Dip the matches about halfway into the melted wax, using a pliers if need be to reach that far into the can of wax.

Set the matches on wax paper or aluminum foil to harden.

When they are cool and hard, dip the other end into the wax so you end up with the whole thing covered in wax, then let it dry again.

To use, just scrape a bit of the wax off the heads of the matches, and strike them.

Once the matches light, point them down at an angle for a moment to get the wax burning, then place it into your tinder.

I timed the one pictured. It burned for a full five minutes before it guttered out. That’s five solid minutes of a good flame, which should be plenty of time to get the tinder going steadily.

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