Self-Reliance Illustrated #19 (March/April 2014)

Posted on: March 31, 2014

The latest issue of Self-Reliance Illustrated landed in my mailbox about a week or so ago. As always, it is stocked to the gills with just absolutely stellar information. What I really appreciate about SRI is that the articles are being written by folks who have truly been there and done that. These aren’t armchair adventurists who read a couple of articles on Wikipedia and then whip out 2,000 words on wilderness survival.

I was particularly keen to get this issue as my good friend Tammy Trayer has a couple of articles in it. Being that this issue of SRI is focused on homesteading topics, Trayer’s inclusion makes perfect sense. Remember what I said about folks who have been there and done that? Trayer and her family live the life and have for quite some time now. In her article, What’s In My Pantry?, we are treated to an excellent discussion of what Trayer keeps on hand in her home and why. While admittedly this isn’t necessarily “breaking news” type of material, I loved hearing about what a true off-grid prepper keeps around just for daily use.

Trayer’s other article in this issue is How to Butcher Chickens. Here, she takes us step by step through the process, even including instructions for making a butchering cone. This is all great information for those new to this vital aspect of homesteading.

In Eatin’ Weeds: Acorns, by Craig and Jennifer Caudill, we learn all about gathering, preparing, and using acorn flour. They even include recipes for acorn cakes and pemmican. Helpful tip–concentrate on gathering acorns from white oak species rather than red. The red oak varieties typically have higher concentrations of the tannin that must be leached out.

Joshua Johnson gives us a great overview of different grain mills in Living Sustainably by Milling Your Own Grains, Nuts, and Seeds. He discusses several makes and models and also gives a brief overview of why a grain mill is an important component of disaster planning.

Scott Wickham Jr. teaches us about stopper knots in his Knots column. These are rather handy knots and aren’t something I’ve seen covered much at all in other survival publications.

In Making It Home, Conner Marshall talks about sea navigation. This is vital information if traveling on water is part of your disaster plans.

Tim Stetzer (aka Woods Monkey) reviews the Olight M3X XM-L2 Triton flashlight. At 1000 (yes, one thousand, that’s not a misprint) lumens, this thing sounds like you could guide a plane or Santa’s sleigh on a foggy night with it.

Brian Andrews gives a great review of the EcoZoom Rocket Stove, an item I’ve reviewed favorably myself.

There are also extensive user reviews of:

–Streamlight Septor Headlamp
–Grillo 107 D Two-Wheel Tractor
–Hydroflask Tactical Bottle and Growler
–Wetterling Small Splitting Axe

All in all, another great issue of Self-Reliance Illustrated. I cannot recommend this publication highly enough, folks.

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