Tell me, what are the BEST items out there?

Posted on: April 4, 2014

I’m working on a project and am hoping for some help from y’all. What follows is a list of categories of gear. If you are so inclined, please comment on this post with the specific items you feel are the absolute best in each category. Brand name, model name, link to it if you can. Feel free to say why you think your suggestions are the best as well. Any input would be very welcome. You need not provide information for each category, either. Just share what you know and leave it at that. Thanks!

Here’s the list:

Full size pack
Medium size pack
Belt pouch type pack
Match case
Commercial fire starters
Commercial fire tinder
Emergency blanket
Portable water filtration system
Folding knife
Fixed blade knife

Obviously, opinions are going to vary and that’s perfectly fine. What works best for one might not be another person’s cup of tea. I’m just gathering data here.

4 thoughts on “Tell me, what are the BEST items out there?

  1. Knowledge! Learn something new every month, not just try it, really learn it. Treat each subject like a scientific experiment, keep record of what you learned, a list of individuals that are experts on the subject you are learning, try to find experts in your area. Build relationships with these people now, they will be much more willing to help you when things go south if they already know you.

    Keep everything you have learned in a binder for future reference. If it is on the net and you can’t get to it then it is worthless!

    Every physical thing can be taken, lost, broken, but nobody can take your knowledge. Make it count!

  2. Full size pack — Large ALICE. Anything else is just a poser.

    Match case — I like the kind that has a mirror, small flint, “that way”compass, and a whistle.

    Commercial fire starters — Wet Fire

    Emergency blanket — Heat Sheets

    Portable water filtration system — Sawyer Point Zero Two (it’s bigger than the mini, but it removes MUCH smaller particles, even viruses. Million gallon guarantee.

    Flashlight — Fenix makes good, affordable lights

    Folding knife — Opinel

    Fixed blade knife — TOPS CUB!

    Multi-tool — Gerber Suspension

  3. Full size pack-Large Alice pack, durable, love pockets, internal support frame./ Or KCLIFF large internal frame pack. Much room.
    Medium size pack- Alace, same as above.
    Belt pouch type pack- Fieldline pro series sold by Walmart. Economical has extra straps for extra weight. Very useful for short trips or hunting when taking only bare necessities.
    Match case- Plastic screw case is easy to open when fingers are cold as compared to the old metal type.
    Commercial fire starters- Most magn.sitck with striker or Ferro rod type work well for me./ Never saw one that did not work.
    Commercial fire tinder-fastfire by
    SOLKOA prepackaged ready to go.
    Compass- SILVA is good as any, tired a number of expensive ones and they are all about the same. Some have more ability in some extreme situations but most will not encounter in normal situations and what is between your ears is more important than make or model.
    Emergency blanket- Disappointed with most all but the quilted design.
    Portable water filtration system- Aquapure Traveller is excellent (I have Iodine allergy) this does not use Iodine for cleaning water. Use others but this is better for me.
    Flashlight- Find most serve well if kept in batteries, Some are tougher. I keep several on hand just in case one goes out when I need it most. SCUBA training has made me think redundance in most all survival gear.
    Folding knife-I use a Siq-Saure tanto point folder. Most similar work just as well.
    Fixed blade knife-Ontiro RD-4 BUSAH and the RAT-7 10 inch. both serve will.
    Multi-tool- Use both the Gerber Bridge and the Leatherman Wave. Both are durable and have all one could want. Have a Swiss Army as a back up should I lose one of the others.

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