American Frontiersman Magazine (2014)

Posted on: April 9, 2014

I picked up a copy of this magazine at least a few weeks ago but noticed recently it seems to be popping up on newsstands everywhere. American Frontiersman is being put out by the same great folks who do New Pioneer magazine, a publication I really enjoy. Near as I can tell, this is the second issue of American Frontiersman. I’m not sure how often they are looking to publish it–annually, quarterly, or ???

In any event, I really liked the first issue of American Frontiersman so I was excited to see the new issue. I was not disappointed, either, let me tell you.

In the 130 pages of this magazine, there are about 38 or so articles. There is a TON of great information here. Seriously, this is one magazine you will want to read cover to cover.

Here is just a sampling of a few of the articles.

In Putting Bones Back to Work, Jill Easton shows us how to repurpose bones from our hunts, such as using them for handles or fertilizer.

Go Nuts For More Game! by Will Brantley explains how to use different nuts as bait when hunting.

Survival Spring Snares by Len McDougall illustrates just how to craft the venerable pencil snare for catching wild game.

Frontier Feasting by J. Wayne Fears contains several old-time recipes for things like bannock, squirrel brunswick stew, hoe cakes, and pemmican.

Denis Prisbrey reviews several different water transportation systems in Have Water, Will Travel.

Off-Grid Food Storage by Dana Benner is a great overview of several different methods for keeping your food safe without refrigeration, such as using root cellars and caches.

In Mountain Man Tools by Linas Cernauskas, we are given information on several new products, a few of which I’ve reviewed myself, such as the BioLite Camp Stove and the Brite-Strike CAPSS2 alarm system.

With a cover price of $9.95, it is pricey for a magazine. But, considering the vast amount of information here, and the extremely low number of ads that clutter things up, I feel it is worth the price.

15 thoughts on “American Frontiersman Magazine (2014)

  1. Items for sale that require a computer to view is going to be useless at bug out time. Hard copy books at least you can put in your bug out shelter.

  2. For those with questions about buying it, this is available as a subscription. issued 4 times a year. From what I saw, it is about $10 in stores but about $6 in a subscription though that may change. Wish some of the articles were on-line – sign up and sign in to read but still on-line.

  3. Can an American alligator survive the bite of a cottonmouth water moccasin, if it bites the alligator INSIDE it’s mouth?

  4. I enjoy this magazine very much,. I wish it was published more often..and I would like a subscription Larry

  5. Excellent magazine. Outstanding articles for woodsmen and survivalist oriented personnel. Is also family oriented so far as I have only been able to locate two issues. Looking forward to subscribing.

  6. Mike, sorry to say but it isn’t MY magazine. I’m merely a fan of it. Try Googling Harris Publications and contacting them directly.

  7. been trying to find out how to order your magazine ordered from the inside insert and thought I was getting American frontiersman but it was not how to I subscribe to this

  8. I have 3 issues, and the first one I bought was last summer. I’m on my break at work, so I don’t have the mags with me to check, but I think they are published 4 times a year. Great magazine. Always more than 1 tip that I can use during my outings.

  9. I have read both issues of American Frontiersman and found it does have many great articles on camping and woodcraft. I want to know when the next issue is coming out and where can I buy it.

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