Quark Tactical QT2A Flashlight

Posted on: April 17, 2014
Quark Tactical QT2A Flashlight

The Quark Tactical QT2A Flashlight is produced by Foursevens. I could just tell you this is the best flashlight I’ve personally used and leave it at that but I’m sure you’re going to want a bit more information.

Right out of the box, I noticed it is just about exactly the same as my Mini Maglite (2AA batteries).

That, however, is where the comparison ends. The QT2A leaves the venerable Mini Maglite wanting in a big way.

It is made from aircraft aluminum and uses a CREE XP-62 LED bulb. The flashlight measures 5.8″ in length, is 0.86″ thick, and weighs in at 2.2oz. The on/off is a button switch at the butt end of the light.

As with many flashlights similarly configured, pressing lightly and holding the button will turn the light on momentarily. Pressing a bit harder will “click” the light on until you click it off again.

The QT2A is very comfortable to hold and use. It fits my hand perfectly.

The box contains the light, 2 AA batteries, a lanyard, split ring for keychains, spare O ring, belt case, and a rubber hand grip.

At the butt end of the light is a hole where the split ring and lanyard can attach, making the light easy to carry around your neck so it doesn’t get lost.

The QT2A also has an attached pocket clip. Combined with the lanyard and the belt pouch, this gives you several carrying options.

The rubber hand grip attaches like so.

The QT2A has five different brightness levels, going from “moonlit” at 0.3 lumens, just enough to see a map without disclosing your position to someone else, all the way up to OH MY GOD, MY EYES! at 246 lumens. In addition to steady on, there are three alternate settings: strobe, SOS, and beacon.

This is a programmable flashlight and you can have any two of the brightness levels or alternate settings available to you at any given time. To swap between the two programmed settings, you slightly loosen the lens end of the light or tighten it back down before turning the light on. For example, if the lens is left slightly loose, that could be your medium (28 lumens) and a tight lens could be maximum (246 lumens). Rest assured, leaving the lens end slightly loose means just a half turn or so. Nothing rattles or seems like it is coming apart.

I had just a bit of trouble with initially programming the QT2A. But, a quick email to Foursevens was answered almost immediately with detailed instructions and everything worked fine. Their customer service is top notch, that I can tell you. To program the light, you turn it on and then loosen and tighten the lens rapidly several times. The light will dim, then flash, letting you know it is ready to be programmed. Pressing the on/off button will cycle you through all the different settings available. When you reach the one you want, leave it on for a few seconds and it will remember that setting. You’ll go through this process twice, one time leaving the lens cap a bit loose and then again with the lens cap tight.

How powerful is 246 lumens? By way of comparison, I took a few photos, first using my Mini Maglite and then using the Quark Tactical QT2A set on maximum.

This first set is of the side of a garage at a distance of about fifty feet.

First, the Maglite:

Now, the QT2A:

This next set is at a distance of about forty yards. As you can see, the Maglite barely reaches that far.

The QT2A, however, worked rather well.

All in all, I am quite impressed with the Quark Tactical QT2A flashlight. It is rugged and with the interior sealed by O rings, water resistant. I really like the fact that it takes standard AA batteries, rather than something more obscure. The only downside is that you can’t have all of the settings available to you immediately but have to program the light. But, it only takes a matter of a few seconds to program your desired settings so, to me, that’s not a huge issue.

You can find the Quark Tactical QT2A here on the Foursevens website.

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