Quick Tip — Index Cards for Survival

Posted on: April 22, 2014

Next time you’re out and about shopping, pick up a pack of index cards. Average price for a pack of 500 cards is around $4 locally, though you can probably find smaller packs at the dollar store.

As you come across little tidbits of survival information, such as an innovative snare set or a new-to-you way to get a fire built, pull out an index card and jot it down. Draw yourself a diagram if appropriate. Hell, print out pictures and glue them to the cards if need be.

Put the cards into a ziplock plastic bag and toss the bag into your EDC pack or bag. When you head out into the wilds for camping, hiking, whatever, pull out those cards and practice the skills you’ve noted on them.

This method of organizing survival tips ensures you’ll always have the info with you, eliminating any excuses for not trying out and practicing those skills. You could even go a step further, if you’re so inclined, and cold laminate the cards. But, really, the plastic bag should be sufficient. Ideally, you won’t need the cards forever anyway since you’ll be incorporating the information into your skill sets.

1 thought on “Quick Tip — Index Cards for Survival

  1. That is a good idea because, rather than just filing the info a way on your computer or in a filing cabinet, it will be field expedient, so-to-speak, and you’ll be able to to put them to practice. Thanks for sharing!

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