Aqua Vessel Tritan Filter Water Bottle
Posted on: April 28, 2014
Aqua Vessel Tritan Filter Water Bottle

Reviewed by Sean Neeld.

In following the advice of “Three is 2, two is 1, and one is none”, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to review the Aqua Vessel Ultra Lite Titan Filtration Water Bottle (25oz.).

Why that advice? A seasoned prepper knows that you should have backups to your backup. Just like the folks who carry waterproof matches, a lighter, and a ferro rod. For me, I have water purification tablets, food grade water collection bags with pre-filters, and now I can add this filtration water bottle.

First impressions, you ask?I’ve read probably hundreds of reviews for various filtration straws, systems, and bottles. For the straws and bottles, I usually read “water tastes like (fill in the blank)…” Some also state how difficult it is to drink thru the straw or filter media. With the Aqua Vessel product, I can say that there was absolutely NO aftertaste of the filter or anything else that might have made it into the water supply. It was a bit weird at first drinking water that had zero taste.

As for any difficulty with drinking from the bottle, through the filter, it was nearly as easy as drinking through a regular, everyday straw. It does take a little bit of effort, as will most of the products in this category. I have COPD so any overexertion of my lungs and I can be in trouble. That was a concern until I took my first few sips. I did pour the tap water into the bottle and let it sit for about 10 minutes before I tried to drink. I’ve read elsewhere that this may help with the water being absorbed thru the filter before you take a sip. I’m not 100% sure of that claim, so “correlation doesn’t imply causation”.

A quick word on the water I used for testing purposes. It was from the outside tap, straight from the spigot. I did have a shot glass full of that water beforehand so I could reasonably discern any differences between it and the filtered version. The tap water had a “metal” taste, if that make sense.

Some bottle and filter specs, from their website:

The ULTRA LITE is part of our Tritan™ line of lightweight, durable bottles and features an activated coconut shell carbon filter which is effective for 100 gallons of water or about 550 refills.

Filter Specs:
• Tested in accordance with NSF protocols #42 and #53
• Removes over 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium*
• Removes bad odors, bad tastes & chlorine
• Miraguard™ antimicrobial technology**
• Filters about 100 gallons of water
• Displaces about 2 oz of water

Bottle Specs:
• Eastman Tritan™ plastic – No BPA, No phthalates
• Can be used without filter, extra straw included
• Durable, stain resistant, dishwasher safe
• No need to tilt bottle when drinking
• Comfortable silicone flip top spout
• 25 fl. oz.

** Miraguard™ antimicrobial technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media, so the filter does not need special cleaning.

They also have a short video to watch at:

No bigger than normal water bottles.
Has extra silicone straw that connects to filter.
One regular sized straw included that you can use without the filter.
Leaves zero aftertaste from unfiltered tap water.

You’ll spend between $25 to $30 vs. everyday water bottles.
A small effort is required to drink from the spout.

You can find these water bottles for sale on their website and a plethora of other places, including Amazon.

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