Fenix TK15 Flashlight

Posted on: May 13, 2014
Fenix TK15 Flashlight

The Fenix TK15 flashlight is solid and dependable, as well as rugged enough to put a hurt on someone in a pinch.  It is just a hair less than six inches long and the body is an inch in diameter.  It has a removable notched disk toward the butt end which, combined with the uniquely shaped head, prevent the light from rolling anywhere once you set it down.

Despite the presence of the removable pocket clip, the Fenix TK15 isn’t really small enough to carry in a shirt pocket, at least not comfortably.

There are two lanyard attachment points, one on the removable notched disk and the other right next to the on/off switch on the butt end of the light.

There are four levels of illumination.  These modes are selected by a small button on the side of the light.

Low – 6 lumens

Mid – 55 lumens

High – 165 lumens

Turbo – a whopping 400 lumens!

The light also has a strobe setting, using that same 400 lumens Turbo level of illumination.  The strobe “flicker” varies in frequency as it runs.  With this high of an illumination, the strobe would work rather well in distracting an assailant as well as helping searchers find you.

The light is powered by two 3V CR123A or one 18650 lithium batteries (no batteries are included with the light).  While I understand the need for the special batteries, given the high intensity of the light, I typically prefer devices that run on the more standard AA or AAA batteries.  That said, the CR123A batteries have become more common and are easily located at most big box retailers.

There are two buttons on the Fenix TK15.  The on/off is located under a rubber boot at the butt end of the light.  As with most flashlights produced today, a slight press gives you a momentary on, while a full press to “click” turns the light fully on.  The second button is located along the side of the body.

This one toggles you through the different illumination levels.  Holding the button down for a second turns on the strobe feature.  The light also remembers the last setting used so if you have it on Mid when you turn it off, it will be on Mid when you turn it on again.

The lens area contains a deep dish reflector, which allows you to throw light a considerable distance.  The lens itself is glass with an anti-reflective coating.

The interior of the Fenix TK15 is protected by O rings, making the light very water resistant.  The light comes with two spare O rings as well as an extra rubber boot for the on/off switch, a lanyard, and a belt case.

This is an extremely powerful light packed into an easy to carry package.  As I mentioned before, it is rugged enough to do some damage if you were forced to use it as a bludgeon, particularly with the scalloped edge surrounding the lens.  A 400 lumen strobe will easily dazzle an assailant enough for you to get away or take further action.  As a flashlight, it throws illumination a considerable distance.

I ordered my Fenix TK15 from a company called Blackleaf over in the UK.  Despite the fact that they are overseas, I received my flashlight (or torch as they call them across the pond) faster than I’d have gotten it from Amazon.

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